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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-01lib: utils: Rename fdt_parse_clint() to fdt_parse_compat_addr()Anup Patel
2020-04-29platform: Add Nuclei UX600 platformHuaqi Fang
2020-04-27lib: utils: Add SiFive test deviceAnup Patel
2020-04-27include: sbi_platform: Combine reboot and shutdown into one callbackAnup Patel
2020-04-27lib: No need to provide default PMP region using platform callbacksAnup Patel
2020-03-28platform: thead/c910: Use HSM extension to boot secondary coresLiu Yibin
2020-03-24platform: openpiton: Read the device configurations from device treeAtish Patra
2020-03-24lib: utils: Move fdt fixup helper routines to a different fileAtish Patra
2020-03-24platform: Add OpenPiton platform supportAtish Patra
2020-03-24platform: fpga/ariane: Remove redundant plic address macrosAtish Patra
2020-03-24platform: Move ariane standalone fpga project to its own projectAtish Patra
2020-03-19platform: sifive/fu540: Remove FU540_ENABLED_HART_MASK optionAnup Patel
2020-03-19include: sbi_platform: Introduce HART index to HART id tableAnup Patel
2020-03-18platform: Update to call general DT fix-up helperBin Meng
2020-03-18platform: sifive/fu540: Replace cpu0 node fix-up with the new helperBin Meng
2020-03-18platform: sifive/fu540: Remove "stdout-path" fix-upBin Meng
2020-03-18platform: sifive/fu540: Fix up DT for reserved memoryBin Meng
2020-03-18platform: qemu/virt: Fix up DT for reserved memoryBin Meng
2020-03-18platform: ariane-fpga: Fix up DT for reserved memoryBin Meng
2020-03-18platform: andes/ae350: Fix up DT for reserved memoryBin Meng
2020-03-18lib: utils: Move PLIC DT fix up codes to fdt_helper.cBin Meng
2020-03-18platform: Clean up include header filesBin Meng
2020-03-14platform: Use one unified per-HART stack size macro for all platformsBin Meng
2020-03-14platform: Set per-HART stack size to 8KB in the template platform codesBin Meng
2020-03-14platform: ariane-fpga: Set per-HART stack size to 8KBBin Meng
2020-03-13include: Make sbi_current_hartid() as macro in riscv_asm.hAnup Patel
2020-03-13platform: ariane-fpga: Change license for ariane-fpga from GPL-2.0 to BSD-2Panagiotis Peristerakis
2020-03-11include: Remove disabled_hart_mask from sbi_platformAnup Patel
2020-03-10platform: ae350: Sort build objects in alphabetical orderBin Meng
2020-03-08platform: kendryte/k210: Set per-HART stack size to 8KBAnup Patel
2020-03-08platform: sifive: fu540: allow sv32 as an mmu-typeSören Tempel
2020-02-19platform: qemu: virt: Correct the typo in config.mkBin Meng
2020-02-19platform: sifive: fu540: Add 32-bit specific fdt/payload addressesBin Meng
2020-02-17platform: Remove stale options from config.mk filesAnup Patel
2020-02-17platform: Add Spike initial supportJames Clarke
2020-02-07platform: sifive: fu540: Add platform specific 'make run' cmdBin Meng
2020-02-07platform: Drop qemu/sifive_u supportBin Meng
2020-02-05platform: sifive/fu540: Set tlb range flush limit to zeroAtish Patra
2020-02-05platform: Add an platform ops to return platform specific tlb flush limitAtish Patra
2020-01-25platform: Update UART base addresses for qemu/sifve_uNikita Ermakov
2020-01-24platform: template: typo fix in system reboot/shutdown namesJiuyang Liu (Sequencer)
2020-01-15platform: thead/c910: Don't set plic/clint address in warm bootLiu Yibin
2020-01-15platform: thead/c910: Don't enable L2 cache in warm bootLiu Yibin
2020-01-09platform: thead/c910: Remove SBI_PLATFORM_HAS_PMPLiu Yibin
2020-01-02platform: Add T-head C910 initial supportLiu Yibin
2020-01-02lib: utils: Support CLINT with 32bit MMIO access on RV64 systemAnup Patel
2019-09-28kendryte/k210: remove unused fileDamien Le Moal
2019-09-10lib: provide a platform specific tlb range flush thresholdAtish Patra
2019-09-05kendryte/k210: remove sysctl codeDamien Le Moal
2019-09-05kendryte/k210: Use sifive UART driverDamien Le Moal