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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-02lib: sbi: Improve fatal error handlingJessica Clarke
2021-11-12platform: sifive_fu740: add platform reset driverNikita Shubin
2021-11-08platform: generic: move fdt_reset_init to final_initHeinrich Schuchardt
2021-11-02include: sbi_utils: Introduce an helper to get fdt base addressAlexandre Ghiti
2021-10-11lib: sbi: convert reset to listNikita Shubin
2021-09-26lib: sbi: Add timer frequency to struct sbi_timer_deviceAnup Patel
2021-08-14lib: utils/timer: Allow separate base addresses for MTIME and MTIMECMPAnup Patel
2021-08-07lib: utils/fdt: Change addr and size to uint64_tBin Meng
2021-07-27generic: fu740: add workaround for CIP-1200 errataDavid Abdurachmanov
2021-07-11platform: generic: Add PMU supportAtish Patra
2021-07-06platform: generic: Terminate platform.name with nullBin Meng
2021-06-24platform: Replace CLINT library usage with ACLINT libraryAnup Patel
2021-06-11platform: andes/ae350: Drop plicsw_ipi_sync()Bin Meng
2021-06-11platform: andes/ae350: Drop plicsw_get_pending()Bin Meng
2021-06-11platform: andes/ae350: Cosmetic fixes in plicsw.cBin Meng
2021-05-06platform: Remove sifive/fu540 platformBin Meng
2021-04-28lib: sbi: Simplify system reset platform operationsAnup Patel
2021-04-28lib: sbi: Simplify ipi platform operationsAnup Patel
2021-04-28lib: sbi: Simplify timer platform operationsAnup Patel
2021-04-28lib: sbi: Simplify console platform operationsAnup Patel
2021-04-28platform: Remove platform/theadGuo Ren
2021-03-03platform: implement K210 system resetHeinrich Schuchardt
2021-01-18platform: template: Fix compile errorAnup Patel
2021-01-07lib: sbi: Replace args with trap registers in ecall handlerAnup Patel
2020-12-16lib: utils: Remove fdt_domain_get() functionAnup Patel
2020-12-04platform: generic: Populate domains from FDTAnup Patel
2020-12-01lib: sbi: Improve system reset platform operationsAnup Patel
2020-12-01platform: Remove dummy system reset functionsAnup Patel
2020-10-18platform: kendryte/k210: Add some padding for FDT fixupsAnup Patel
2020-10-18firmware: Remove FW_PAYLOAD_FDT_PATH compile-time optionAnup Patel
2020-09-16platform: generic: Don't mark non-MMU HARTs as invalidAnup Patel
2020-08-20platform: kendryte/k210: fixup FDTHeinrich Schuchardt
2020-06-29config.mk: Update QEMU run command for generic and sifive fu540 platformsBin Meng
2020-06-17platform: Update Nuclei ux600 platform supportHuaqi Fang
2020-06-15platform/lib: Allow the OS to map the regions that are protected by PMPAlexandre Ghiti
2020-06-10platform: Add AE350 cache control SBIsNylon Chen
2020-06-10platform: Add AE350 platform specific SBI handlerNylon Chen
2020-06-05firmware: Remove FW_PAYLOAD_FDT and related documentationAnup Patel
2020-06-05platform: kendryte/k210: Use new mechanism of builtin DTBAnup Patel
2020-06-05firmware: Allow fw_platform_init() to return updated FDT locationAnup Patel
2020-05-23lib: utils: Allow CLINT functions to be used for multiple CLINTsAnup Patel
2020-05-23lib: utils: Extend fdt_find_match() ImplementationAnup Patel
2020-05-23lib: utils: Allow PLIC functions to be used for multiple PLICsAnup Patel
2020-05-23lib: utils: Remove redundant parameters from PLIC init functionsAnup Patel
2020-05-10platform: fpga: Remove redundant platform specific featuresAtish Patra
2020-05-10platform: Move platform features to hartAtish Patra
2020-05-04platform: Remove spike directoryAnup Patel
2020-05-04platform: Remove qemu/virt directoryAnup Patel
2020-05-01platform: generic: Add Sifive FU540 TLB flush range limit overrideAnup Patel
2020-05-01platform: Add generic FDT based platform supportAnup Patel