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2021-04-28lib: sbi: Simplify ipi platform operationsAnup Patel
2021-04-28lib: sbi: Simplify timer platform operationsAnup Patel
2021-04-28lib: sbi: Simplify console platform operationsAnup Patel
2021-04-28lib: sbi: Remove domains_root_regions() platform callbackAnup Patel
2021-04-22lib: utils: reset: Add T-HEAD sample platform reset driverGuo Ren
2021-04-13lib: sbi: Make sbi_domain_memregion_initfw() a local functionAnup Patel
2021-04-13lib: sbi: Make the root domain instance global variableAnup Patel
2021-04-13lib: sbi: Add sbi_domain_root_add_memregion() APIAnup Patel
2021-04-13lib: sbi: Add sbi_domain_memregion_init() APIAnup Patel
2021-04-09lib: sbi: Replace test-and-set locks by ticket locksChristoph Muellner
2021-04-09include: sbi: Allow direct initialization via SPIN_LOCK_INIT()Christoph Muellner
2021-04-09include: types: Add __aligned(x) to define the minimum alignementChristoph Muellner
2021-04-05lib: fix csr detect supportXiang W
2021-04-01firware: optimize the exception exit codeXiang W
2021-04-01lib/utils: Drop the 'compat' parameter of fdt_plic_fixup()Bin Meng
2021-03-22include: headers: Replace __ASSEMBLY__ with __ASSEMBLER__Marouene Boubakri
2021-03-19firmware: Support position independent executionVincent Chen
2021-03-12include: sbi: SBI function IDs for RFENCE extensionHeinrich Schuchardt
2021-03-03include: sbi: Upgrade SBI implementation version to v0.3Anup Patel
2021-03-03lib: sbi: Implement SBI HSM suspend functionAnup Patel
2021-03-03include: sbi: Add hart_suspend() platform callbackAnup Patel
2021-03-03lib: sbi: Add sbi_hart_reinit() functionAnup Patel
2021-03-03include: sbi: Add HSM suspend related definesAnup Patel
2021-03-03lib: sbi: Rename sbi_hsm_hart_started_mask() functionAnup Patel
2021-03-03lib: sbi: Use SBI_HSM_STATE_xyz defines instead of SBI_STATE_xyz definesAnup Patel
2021-03-03include: sbi: Simplify HSM state define namesAnup Patel
2021-01-18include: Bump-up version to 0.9Anup Patel
2021-01-15include: sbi: Don't pack struct sbi_platform and sbi_platform_operationsAnup Patel
2021-01-15include: sbi: No need to pack struct sbi_scratchAnup Patel
2021-01-15include: sbi: No need to pack struct sbi_trap_regsAnup Patel
2021-01-12lib: sbi: Allow platforms to provide root domain memory regionsAnup Patel
2021-01-07lib: sbi: Allow custom local TLB flush functionAnup Patel
2021-01-07lib: sbi: Introduce sbi_trap_exit() APIAnup Patel
2021-01-07lib: sbi: Replace args with trap registers in ecall handlerAnup Patel
2020-12-16lib: sbi: Remove domain_get() platform callback functionAnup Patel
2020-12-16lib: utils: Remove fdt_domain_get() functionAnup Patel
2020-12-16lib: sbi: Add function to register new domainAnup Patel
2020-12-16lib: utils: Allow FDT domain iteration functions to failAnup Patel
2020-12-04lib: utils: Add helper routines to populate domains from FDTAnup Patel
2020-12-04include: sbi: Add domains_init() platform operationAnup Patel
2020-12-04include: sbi: Use lower bits for domain memory region permissionsAnup Patel
2020-12-01lib: sbi: Implement System Reset (SRST) SBI extensionAnup Patel
2020-12-01lib: sbi: Improve system reset platform operationsAnup Patel
2020-12-01include: sbi: Remove opensbi specific reset type definesAnup Patel
2020-12-01include: sbi: Add SBI SRST extension related definesAnup Patel
2020-10-26lib: sbi: Detect PMP granularity and number of address bitsAtish Patra
2020-10-21lib: sbi: Display domain details in boot printsAnup Patel
2020-10-20lib: sbi: Remove redundant sbi_hart_pmp_xyz() functionsAnup Patel
2020-10-20lib: sbi: Extend sbi_hsm_hart_start() for domainsAnup Patel
2020-10-20lib: sbi: Extend sbi_hsm_hart_started_mask() for domainsAnup Patel