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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-24all: run clang-format and update checked-in filesOlof Johansson
2019-04-09TOP: Allow building platform out-of-treeAnup Patel
2019-04-04firmware: Fix source fdt alignmentXiang Wang
2019-03-29firmware: Introduce "options" in "struct sbi_scratch"Bin Meng
2019-03-14firmware: Move scratch setup to _start instead of _start_warmAtish Patra
2019-03-10lib: Create a sbi_ipi_data structureAlistair Francis
2019-03-07firmware: Reset all registers and flush icacheAtish Patra
2019-03-07firmware: Add nop to reduce bus traffic.Atish Patra
2019-03-07Revert "firmware: Add a barrier instruction for wait for boot hart"Atish Patra
2019-03-06firmware: Reset all the general purpose registers to zero.Atish Patra
2019-03-06firmware: Ensure the mtvec is updated.Atish Patra
2019-03-06firmware: Fix a typoAtish Patra
2019-03-05firmware: Add a barrier instruction for wait for boot hartXiang Wang
2019-03-05firmware: Move _boot_hart_done to the data sectionXiang Wang
2019-02-20firmware: Improve low-level trap handler for M-mode to M-mode trapsAnup Patel
2019-02-15firmware: Ensure the payloads are 4 bit allignedAlistair Francis
2019-02-14firmware: Use CSR_<FOO> instead of <foo> for csr*Atish Patra
2019-02-08firmware: Use lw instead of lwu for 32-bit architecturesAlistair Francis
2019-02-06firwmare: don't expand macros in FW_PAYLOAD_PATHAndreas Schwab
2019-01-24all: Update copyright header in all filesAnup patel
2019-01-22lib: Move software interrupt enablement from firmware to libAtish Patra
2019-01-21sbi: Add ecall helpersDamien Le Moal
2019-01-21payload: rename dummy payload to test payloadDamien Le Moal
2019-01-21Makefile: Add support for device tree compilationDamien Le Moal
2019-01-21build: Introduce FW_PAYLOAD_ALIGNDamien Le Moal
2019-01-04Makefile: Use generic flags for the firmwareAlistair Francis
2019-01-02include: Remove redundant tmp0 from struct sbi_scratchAnup Patel
2019-01-02include: Move RISCV_TRAP_REGS_xyz defines to sbi_trap.hAnup Patel
2019-01-02include: Move RISCV_PLATFORM_xyz defines to sbi_platform.hAnup Patel
2019-01-02include: Move RISCV_SCRATCH_xyz defines to sbi_scratch.hAnup Patel
2018-12-27firmware: Rename fw_common.S to fw_base.SAnup Patel
2018-12-27firmware: Use dummy payload for FW_PAYLOADAnup Patel
2018-12-27firmware: Add separate dummy payload for FW_PAYLOADAnup Patel
2018-12-22firmware: Don't depend on PLAT_HART_COUNT and PLAT_HART_STACK_SIZEAnup Patel
2018-12-22firmware: Remove stack section from common linker scriptAnup Patel
2018-12-21firmware: Remove redundant write to mideleg and medelegAnup Patel
2018-12-21Revert "Fix FDT relocation"Anup Patel
2018-12-21Fiw comment typoDamien Le Moal
2018-12-21fw: Disable delegationDamien Le Moal
2018-12-21Fix FDT relocationDamien Le Moal
2018-12-21top: Rename "blob" to "firmware" everywhereAnup Patel