AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-10-10GNU/Linux USB driver shutdown support.HEADmasterNIIBE Yutaka
2017-10-10Version 1.5.release/1.5NIIBE Yutaka
2017-10-10Support --debug option for exacmple-cdc-gnu-linux.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-10-10New: debug option.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-10-10Fix example-cdc.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-09-29Fix sys for STM32F103.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-09-27Use flash routines in example-cdc-gnu-linux.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-09-27update flash routines for GNU/Linux.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-09-08Fix flash routines on GNU/Linux.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-09-08Implement flash ROM emulation on GNU/LInux.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-09-05Define threads stack size by stack-def.h.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-09-04Minor changes for SYS.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-09-04Add muc/sys-gnu-linux.*.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-08-11Version 1.4.release/1.4NIIBE Yutaka
2017-08-11Version 1.4.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-08-03Allow compile-time override of detected flash size.Jeremy Drake
2017-08-02Add adc-gnu-linux driver.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-07-07Fix error handling of USB-USBIP driver.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-07-06Add EXAMPLE-README.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-07-06Fix USB driver on GNU/Linux.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-07-05Add example-fraucheky.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-06-28Fix usb-usbip.c.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-06-27Added CDC-ACM sample of USBIP.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-06-26Add board-gnu-linux.h for emulation.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-06-26Fix for GNU/Linux emulation.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-06-26Fix usb drivers.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-06-26Added USBIP driver for emulation.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-06-26Support emulation on GNU/Linux.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-06-23Add GNU/Linux support (not yet makefile).NIIBE Yutaka
2017-06-23Factor out arch dependent code.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-06-22Remove naked attribute from chopstx_exit.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-06-21Use ->V for the return value of chx_sched.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-06-21Change exit value access.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-06-16Fix chx_wakeup.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-06-16Fix MKL27Z USB.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-05-18Fix access to REG_R0 at chx_wakeup.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-02-02Version 1.3.release/1.3NIIBE Yutaka
2017-02-01Add Blue Pill support.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-02-01Switch off red LED for Nitrokey Start.Szczepan Zalega
2016-10-13Version 1.2release/1.2NIIBE Yutaka
2016-10-12chopstx_join is cancellation point.NIIBE Yutaka
2016-07-11stackaddr/size changeNIIBE Yutaka
2016-07-11mcu/stm32f103.h: Add more constants from Gnuk 1.1.9NIIBE Yutaka
2016-07-01Version 1.1release/1.1NIIBE Yutaka
2016-07-01Change touch button for MKL27ZNIIBE Yutaka
2016-07-01Change API of chopstx_setpriorityNIIBE Yutaka
2016-06-30update docNIIBE Yutaka
2016-06-30chopstx_poll example fixNIIBE Yutaka
2016-06-30const pointer cleanupNIIBE Yutaka
2016-06-30Update for MKL27ZNIIBE Yutaka