Chopstx - Threads and only Threads
							 Version 1.5
							Niibe Yutaka
					     Flying Stone Technology

What's Chopstx?

Chopstx is an RT thread library for STM32F103 (ARM Cortex-M3),
STM32F030 (ARM Cortex-M0), MKL27Z (ARM Cortex-M0plus), and
emulation on GNU/Linux.

While most RTOSes come with many features, drivers, and protocol
stacks, Chopstx just offers a simple RT thread library.

With Chopstx, interrupt handling is also done by a thread.  This
enables coherent code for ease of maintenance.

This library is _not_ related to the hand game:


Thanks to Yao Wei and Enrico Zini for giving me the opportunity
visiting the wiki page.


It is distributed under GNU General Public Licence version 3 or later
(GPLv3+), with additional permission.  Please see COPYING and

Example code

We have some examples in this distribution; Useful ones are LED
blinker and USB CDC-ACM device.  For STM32F103, you can build it USB
CDC-ACM demo by:

   $ cd example-cdc
   $ ln -sf ../board/board-olimex-stm32-h103.h board.h
   $ make

For a specific board named FSM-55, an example of LED matrix dynamic
driver is provided.  See the directory: example-fsm-55.

For STM32 Primer2, see the directory: example-primer2.

Future Works

Convenience function to determine the bottom of thread stack,
configuration of thread size by compiler's output would be next things
to be done.

Experimental SMP port for Cortex-A7 is under development.  For SMP,
more careful considerations for shared access to objects of struct
chx_pq is needed.  So, modifications required will not be small.