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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-25tools/virtiofsd/passthrough_ll: Fix double close()Philippe Mathieu-Daudé
2020-03-03virtiofsd: Fix xattr operationsMisono Tomohiro
2020-03-03virtiofsd: passthrough_ll: cleanup getxattr/listxattrMisono Tomohiro
2020-02-21virtiofsd: Remove fuse.h and struct fuse_moduleXiao Yang
2020-02-21tools/virtiofsd/fuse_lowlevel: Fix fuse_out_header::error valuePhilippe Mathieu-Daudé
2020-02-21tools/virtiofsd/passthrough_ll: Remove unneeded variable assignmentPhilippe Mathieu-Daudé
2020-02-21tools/virtiofsd/passthrough_ll: Remove unneeded variable assignmentPhilippe Mathieu-Daudé
2020-02-21virtiofsd: Help message fix for 'seconds'Dr. David Alan Gilbert
2020-02-10virtiofsd: do_read missing NULL checkDr. David Alan Gilbert
2020-02-10virtiofsd: load_capng missing unlockDr. David Alan Gilbert
2020-02-10virtiofsd: fv_create_listen_socket error path socket leakDr. David Alan Gilbert
2020-02-10virtiofsd: Remove fuse_req_getgroupsDr. David Alan Gilbert
2020-01-23virtiofsd: add some options to the help messageMasayoshi Mizuma
2020-01-23virtiofsd: stop all queue threads on exit in virtio_loop()Eryu Guan
2020-01-23virtiofsd/passthrough_ll: Pass errno to fuse_reply_err()Xiao Yang
2020-01-23virtiofsd: Convert lo_destroy to take the lo->mutex lock itselfDr. David Alan Gilbert
2020-01-23virtiofsd: add --thread-pool-size=NUM optionStefan Hajnoczi
2020-01-23virtiofsd: fix lo_destroy() resource leaksStefan Hajnoczi
2020-01-23virtiofsd: prevent FUSE_INIT/FUSE_DESTROY racesStefan Hajnoczi
2020-01-23virtiofsd: process requests in a thread poolStefan Hajnoczi
2020-01-23virtiofsd: use fuse_buf_writev to replace fuse_buf_write for better performancepiaojun
2020-01-23virtiofsd: add definition of fuse_buf_writev()piaojun
2020-01-23virtiofsd: passthrough_ll: Use cache_readdir for directory openMisono Tomohiro
2020-01-23virtiofsd: Fix data corruption with O_APPEND write in writeback modeMisono Tomohiro
2020-01-23virtiofsd: Reset O_DIRECT flag during file openVivek Goyal
2020-01-23virtiofsd: convert more fprintf and perror to use fuse log infraEryu Guan
2020-01-23virtiofsd: do not always set FUSE_FLOCK_LOCKSPeng Tao
2020-01-23virtiofsd: introduce inode refcount to prevent use-after-freeStefan Hajnoczi
2020-01-23virtiofsd: passthrough_ll: fix refcounting on remove/renameMiklos Szeredi
2020-01-23virtiofsd: rename inode->refcount to inode->nlookupStefan Hajnoczi
2020-01-23virtiofsd: prevent races with lo_dirp_put()Stefan Hajnoczi
2020-01-23virtiofsd: make lo_release() atomicStefan Hajnoczi
2020-01-23virtiofsd: prevent fv_queue_thread() vs virtio_loop() racesStefan Hajnoczi
2020-01-23virtiofsd: use fuse_lowlevel_is_virtio() in fuse_session_destroy()Stefan Hajnoczi
2020-01-23virtiofsd: Support remote posix locksVivek Goyal
2020-01-23Virtiofsd: fix memory leak on fuse queueinfoLiu Bo
2020-01-23virtiofsd: fix incorrect error handling in lo_do_lookupEric Ren
2020-01-23virtiofsd: enable PARALLEL_DIROPS during INITLiu Bo
2020-01-23virtiofsd: Prevent multiply running with same vhost_user_socketMasayoshi Mizuma
2020-01-23virtiofsd: add helper for lo_data cleanupLiu Bo
2020-01-23virtiofsd: fix memory leak on lo.sourceLiu Bo
2020-01-23virtiofsd: cleanup allocated resource in seLiu Bo
2020-01-23virtiofsd: fix error handling in main()Liu Bo
2020-01-23virtiofsd: support nanosecond resolution for file timestampJiufei Xue
2020-01-23virtiofsd: Clean up inodes on destroyDr. David Alan Gilbert
2020-01-23virtiofsd: passthrough_ll: use hashtableMiklos Szeredi
2020-01-23virtiofsd: passthrough_ll: clean up cache related optionsMiklos Szeredi
2020-01-23virtiofsd: extract root inode init into setup_root()Miklos Szeredi
2020-01-23virtiofsd: fail when parent inode isn't known in lo_do_lookup()Miklos Szeredi
2020-01-23virtiofsd: rename unref_inode() to unref_inode_lolocked()Miklos Szeredi