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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-02Update dtc/libfdt submodule to v1.4.7David Gibson
2018-01-10Update dtc to fix compilation problem on Mac OS 10.6John Arbuckle
2017-03-16dtc: Revert unintentional submodule downgrade from commit c2cabb34220d63f9Peter Maydell
2017-03-16hw/virtio: fix error enabling flags in Device Control registerMarcel Apfelbaum
2017-03-14dtc: Update submodule to avoid build errorsDavid Gibson
2017-03-03Update dtc submodule to v1.4.3David Gibson
2017-02-21dtc: Update requirement to v1.4.2Paul Burton
2015-06-03dtc: Update dtc / libfdt submodule to version 1.4.0Thomas Huth
2013-04-18dtc: add submodulePeter Crosthwaite