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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-06platform: Remove sifive/fu540 platformBin Meng
2021-04-28platform: Remove platform/theadGuo Ren
2020-10-18Makefile: Allow padding zeros when converting DTB to C sourceHeinrich Schuchardt
2020-06-05Makefile: Add mechanism for platforms to have multiple builtin DTBsAnup Patel
2020-05-04platform: Remove spike directoryAnup Patel
2020-05-04platform: Remove qemu/virt directoryAnup Patel
2020-05-01scripts: Add generic platform to create-binary-archive.shAnup Patel
2020-04-30scripts: adapt binary archive script for Nuclei UX600Huaqi Fang
2020-03-28scripts: Extend create-binary-archive.sh for unified binary tar ballAnup Patel
2020-03-24platform: Add OpenPiton platform supportAtish Patra
2020-03-24platform: Move ariane standalone fpga project to its own projectAtish Patra
2020-03-17scripts: Cover sifive/fu540 in the 32-bit buildBin Meng
2020-02-17scripts: Add Spike to platform list of binary archive scriptAnup Patel
2020-02-07platform: Drop qemu/sifive_u supportBin Meng
2020-01-20scripts: Add C910 to platform list in the binary archive scriptLiu Yibin
2019-08-31scripts: Add AE350 to platform list in the binary archive scriptNylon Chen
2019-07-25treewide: Use conventional names for 32-bit and 64-bitBin Meng
2019-06-30scripts: Add Ariane FPGA to platform list in binary archive scriptAnup Patel
2019-06-29include: Add version info to struct sbi_platformAbner Chang
2019-06-19platform: Move platform common to lib/utils.Atish Patra
2019-02-22scripts: Add script for creating binary archiveAnup Patel