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2021-12-23firmware: Move memcpy/memset mapping to fw_base.SAnup Patel
2021-12-22lib: sbi: simplify pmp_set(), pmp_get()Heinrich Schuchardt
2021-12-11lib: sbi: Fix compile errors using -Os optionAnup Patel
2021-12-11lib: pmu: check SSCOF before maskingNikita Shubin
2021-12-03lib: pmu: support the event ID encoded by a bitmap.Vincent Chen
2021-12-02lib: sbi: Improve fatal error handlingJessica Clarke
2021-11-30lib: sbi: Resolve the uninitialized complaint in sbi_pmuDong Du
2021-11-30lib: sbi: Fix missing spaceNikita Shubin
2021-11-23lib: sbi: Fix spelling of "address" in sbi_domain.cVagrant Cascadian
2021-11-18lib: utils: Add LiteX UART supportGabriel Somlo
2021-11-12lib: sbi: clear pmpcfg.A before setting in pmp_set()Xiang W
2021-11-12lib: utils/i2c: Add minimal SiFive I2C driverNikita Shubin
2021-11-12lib: utils/i2c: Add simple FDT based I2C frameworkNikita Shubin
2021-11-12lib: utils/i2c: Add generic I2C configuration libraryNikita Shubin
2021-11-12lib: utils/reset: separate driver init funcNikita Shubin
2021-11-12lib: utils/reset: add priority to gpio resetNikita Shubin
2021-11-11lib: sbi: Fix PMP address bits detectionVasan VS
2021-11-11lib: sbi: Fix initial value mask while updating the countersAtish Patra
2021-11-11lib: utils: Rename the prefix in PMU DT propertiesAtish Patra
2021-11-11lib: sbi: Enable PMU extension for platforms without mcountinhibitAtish Patra
2021-11-11lib: sbi: Counter info width should be zero indexedAtish Patra
2021-11-11lib: sbi: Reset the mhpmevent value upon counter resetAtish Patra
2021-11-11lib: sbi: Allow programmable counters to monitor cycle/instret eventsAtish Patra
2021-11-11lib: sbi: Always enable access for all countersAtish Patra
2021-11-11lib: sbi: Support sscofpmf extension in OpenSBIAtish Patra
2021-11-11lib: sbi: Delegate PMU counter overflow interrupt to S modeAtish Patra
2021-11-11lib: sbi: Detect Sscofpmf extension at run timeAtish Patra
2021-11-11lib: sbi: Update csr_read/write_num for PMUAtish Patra
2021-11-08lib: sbi: error handling in fdt_reset_init()Heinrich Schuchardt
2021-11-08lib: sbi: move sbi_boot_print_general()Heinrich Schuchardt
2021-11-03lib: utils/gpio: use list for driversNikita Shubin
2021-11-02lib: sbi: Fix GPA passed to __sbi_hfence_gvma_xyz() functionsAnup Patel
2021-11-02include: sbi_utils: Introduce an helper to get fdt base addressAlexandre Ghiti
2021-11-02lib: sbi: Refine addr format in sbi_printfDong Du
2021-11-02lib: utils/reset: Register separate GPIO system reset devicesAnup Patel
2021-10-21lib: utils/irqchip: Automatically delegate T-HEAD PLIC accessSamuel Holland
2021-10-20Makefile: Add build time and compiler info stringWei Fu
2021-10-18lib: sbi: system reset with invalid parametersHeinrich Schuchardt
2021-10-18lib: sbi: Save context for all non-retentive suspend typesAnup Patel
2021-10-11lib: sbi: add priority for reset handlerNikita Shubin
2021-10-11lib: sbi: convert reset to listNikita Shubin
2021-10-01lib: utils: identify supported GPIO reset methodsHeinrich Schuchardt
2021-09-26lib: utils/reset: use sbi_timer_mdelay() in gpio reset driverAnup Patel
2021-09-26lib: sbi: Add generic timer delay loop functionAnup Patel
2021-09-26lib: sbi: Print timer frequency at boot timeAnup Patel
2021-09-26lib: sbi: Add timer frequency to struct sbi_timer_deviceAnup Patel
2021-09-26lib: utils/fdt: Add fdt_parse_timebase_frequency() functionAnup Patel
2021-09-22lib: sbi: Add BUG() macro for csr_read/write_num() and misa_string()Xiang W
2021-09-22lib: sbi: fix ctz bugXiang W
2021-09-14lib: utils/reset: Add a sunxi watchdog reset driverSamuel Holland