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2020-10-18firmware: Remove FW_PAYLOAD_FDT_PATH compile-time optionAnup Patel
2020-10-18firmware: Add common FW_FDT_PATH compile-time optionAnup Patel
2020-06-29docs/platform: sifive_fu540: Update U-Boot instructionsBin Meng
2020-06-29docs/platform: Update QEMU parameter for fw_payloadBin Meng
2020-06-19platform: Add support for Shakti C-class SoC from IIT-MVijai Kumar K
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2020-04-29platform: Add Nuclei UX600 platformHuaqi Fang
2020-03-24platform: Add OpenPiton platform supportAtish Patra
2020-03-24platform: Move ariane standalone fpga project to its own projectAtish Patra
2020-03-19platform: sifive/fu540: Remove FU540_ENABLED_HART_MASK optionAnup Patel
2020-03-11docs: Remove out-of-date documentationAtish Patra
2020-02-19platform: sifive: fu540: Add 32-bit specific fdt/payload addressesBin Meng
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