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2023-07-01xtensa: fix NOMMU build with lock_mm_and_find_vma() conversionLinus Torvalds
2023-07-01mm/khugepaged: fix regression in collapse_file()Hugh Dickins
2023-07-01gup: add warning if some caller would seem to want stack expansionLinus Torvalds
2023-07-01mm: always expand the stack with the mmap write lock heldLinus Torvalds
2023-07-01mm: make find_extend_vma() fail if write lock not heldLiam R. Howlett
2023-07-01arm/mm: Convert to using lock_mm_and_find_vma()Ben Hutchings
2023-07-01mm: make the page fault mmap locking killableLinus Torvalds
2023-07-01mm: introduce new 'lock_mm_and_find_vma()' page fault helperLinus Torvalds
2023-06-20Merge tag 'mm-hotfixes-stable-2023-06-20-12-31' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/s...Linus Torvalds
2023-06-19Revert "mm: vmscan: make global slab shrink lockless"Qi Zheng
2023-06-19Revert "mm: vmscan: make memcg slab shrink lockless"Qi Zheng
2023-06-19Revert "mm: vmscan: add shrinker_srcu_generation"Qi Zheng
2023-06-19Revert "mm: shrinkers: make count and scan in shrinker debugfs lockless"Qi Zheng
2023-06-19Revert "mm: vmscan: hold write lock to reparent shrinker nr_deferred"Qi Zheng
2023-06-19Revert "mm: vmscan: remove shrinker_rwsem from synchronize_shrinkers()"Qi Zheng
2023-06-19Revert "mm: shrinkers: convert shrinker_rwsem to mutex"Qi Zheng
2023-06-19mm/khugepaged: fix iteration in collapse_fileDavid Stevens
2023-06-19memfd: check for non-NULL file_seals in memfd_create() syscallRoberto Sassu
2023-06-19mm/vmalloc: do not output a spurious warning when huge vmalloc() failsLorenzo Stoakes
2023-06-19mm/mprotect: fix do_mprotect_pkey() limit checkLiam R. Howlett
2023-06-18mm/mmap: Fix error path in do_vmi_align_munmap()Liam R. Howlett
2023-06-12Merge tag 'mm-hotfixes-stable-2023-06-12-12-22' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/s...Linus Torvalds
2023-06-12zswap: do not shrink if cgroup may not zswapNhat Pham
2023-06-12page cache: fix page_cache_next/prev_miss off by oneMike Kravetz
2023-06-12mm/damon/core: fix divide error in damon_nr_accesses_to_accesses_bp()Kefeng Wang
2023-06-12mm/gup_test: fix ioctl fail for compat taskHaibo Li
2023-05-29mm: page_table_check: Ensure user pages are not slab pagesRuihan Li
2023-05-29mm: page_table_check: Make it dependent on EXCLUSIVE_SYSTEM_RAMRuihan Li
2023-05-17mm: fix zswap writeback race conditionDomenico Cerasuolo
2023-05-17mm: kfence: fix false positives on big endianMichael Ellerman
2023-05-17zsmalloc: move LRU update from zs_map_object() to zs_malloc()Nhat Pham
2023-05-17mm: shrinkers: fix race condition on debugfs cleanupJoan Bruguera Micó
2023-05-06Merge tag 'mm-stable-2023-05-06-10-49' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/...Linus Torvalds
2023-05-06Merge tag 'mm-hotfixes-stable-2023-05-06-10-45' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/s...Linus Torvalds
2023-05-06dmapool: link blocks across pagesKeith Busch
2023-05-06dmapool: don't memset on free twiceKeith Busch
2023-05-06dmapool: simplify freeingKeith Busch
2023-05-06dmapool: consolidate page initializationKeith Busch
2023-05-06dmapool: rearrange page alloc failure handlingKeith Busch
2023-05-06dmapool: move debug code to own functionsKeith Busch
2023-05-06dmapool: speedup DMAPOOL_DEBUG with init_on_allocTony Battersby
2023-05-06dmapool: cleanup integer typesTony Battersby
2023-05-06dmapool: use sysfs_emit() instead of scnprintf()Tony Battersby
2023-05-06dmapool: remove checks for dev == NULLTony Battersby
2023-05-06mm: do not reclaim private data from pinned pageJan Kara
2023-05-06mm/mmap/vma_merge: always check invariantsLorenzo Stoakes
2023-05-06filemap: Handle error return from __filemap_get_folio()Matthew Wilcox
2023-05-05Merge branch 'x86-uaccess-cleanup': x86 uaccess header cleanupsLinus Torvalds
2023-05-04Merge tag 'mm-hotfixes-stable-2023-05-03-16-27' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/s...Linus Torvalds
2023-05-04Merge tag 'mm-stable-2023-05-03-16-22' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/...Linus Torvalds