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2017-10-11Fix configure.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-10-10No --vidpid for GNU/Linux.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-10-10Support --debug option for GNU/Linux emulation.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-10-06STM8S Discovery kit is supported again.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-10-06Fix for 64KB STM32F103.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-10-06Fix linker script.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-10-06For emulation, support --vidpid at runtime.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-10-05Fix stack size for ARM.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-10-05RSA in a single step.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-10-05Emulation tool added.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-10-04Serial string for GNU/Linux emulation.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-10-04Fix gnuk_malloc for 64-bit.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-10-04Tweak the size of stack of openpgp-card thread.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-10-04RSA key generation in two steps.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-10-03Don't use malloc if not needed.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-10-03Don't provide stdlib.h, but provide gnuk-malloc.h.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-10-03generate flash.data.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-10-03Fix non-use of stdlib.h.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-10-03flash memory handling change to support GNU/Linux.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-10-02Not for GNU/Linux.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-10-02FLASH_UPGRADE_SUPPORT is not relevant to GNU/Linux.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-10-02Fix for main.c.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-10-02More USB fix for GNU/Linux.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-10-02mpi_montsqr fix for GNU/Linux.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-09-30Fix flash.c for GNU/Linux emulation.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-09-30Small USB clean up.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-09-30Revert part of simplification.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-09-29More fix for USB.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-09-29Fix USB code for USBIP on GNU/Linux.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-09-29Fix for FLASH_UPGRADE_SUPPORT.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-09-29Fix for 64-bit machine (emulation).NIIBE Yutaka
2017-09-29Stack definition change.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-09-28More for GNU/Linux emulation.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-09-28More fixes.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-09-28Fix for GNU/Linux.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-09-28Rename flash functions.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-09-28stdlib fixes.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-09-28GNU/Linux emulation is done by Chopstx.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-08-11Tweak process size of gpg.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-08-11src/config.mk generation.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-08-04Fix factory-reset for admin-less mode.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-08-02Erase CERTDO on terminate.Jeremy Drake
2017-08-01Fix factory-reset.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-07-20configure: sanitize for shellcheckAnthony Romano
2017-07-19Initialize TMP to avoid confusion by static analysis.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-07-19Support no git situation.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-07-18Git is assumed for the source with .git.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-07-18Support building with docker.Anthony Romano
2017-07-18call fatal if mem_head size is corrupted.Anthony Romano
2017-07-18avoid null dereference when openpgp algo goes from !rsa2k to rsa2k.Anthony Romano