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2020-01-01Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2019-11-12slotinfo in struct dtv_slotinfo_list should be flexible array [BZ #25097]Florian Weimer
2019-09-07Prefer https to http for gnu.org and fsf.org URLsPaul Eggert
2019-02-16Move remaining nptl_db headers to sysdeps/nptlFlorian Weimer
2019-01-01Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2018-03-01nptl_db: Remove stale `match_pid' parameter from `iterate_thread_list'Maciej W. Rozycki
2018-01-01Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2017-09-01Move all old ChangeLogs to a top-level ChangeLog.old directory.Zack Weinberg
2017-03-01Narrowing the visibility of libc-internal.h even further.Zack Weinberg
2017-01-01Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2016-11-24Remove cached PID/TID in cloneAdhemerval Zanella
2016-10-31Bug 20729: Include libc-internal.h where required.Carlos O'Donell
2016-10-29Bug 20729: Fix building with -Os.Carlos O'Donell
2016-09-23Installed-header hygiene (BZ#20366): obsolete BSD u_* types.Zack Weinberg
2016-08-03Update and install proc_service.h [BZ #20311]Tom Tromey
2016-01-04Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2015-10-20Convert 113 more function definitions to prototype style (files with assertio...Joseph Myers
2015-03-17Fix DTV race, assert, DTV_SURPLUS Static TLS limit, and nptl_db garbageAlexandre Oliva
2015-03-11powerpc: Remove HAVE_ASM_GLOBAL_DOT_NAME defineAdhemerval Zanella
2015-01-08Add stub sys/procfs.h fileRoland McGrath
2015-01-02Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2014-11-24Remove IS_IN_libpthreadSiddhesh Poyarekar
2014-09-12Remove configuration name patterns from shlib-versions.Joseph Myers
2014-03-06Enumerate tests with special rules in tests-special variable.Joseph Myers
2014-03-03Retire the separate ChangeLog files in nptl/ and nptl_db/ subdirs.Roland McGrath
2014-02-26Consistently include Makeconfig after defining subdir.Joseph Myers
2014-02-21Generate .test-result files for tests with special rules.Joseph Myers
2014-01-01Update copyright notices with scripts/update-copyrightsAllan McRae
2013-05-31Link extra-libs consistently with libc and ld.so.Joseph Myers
2013-05-16Add #include <stdint.h> for uint[32|64]_t usage (except installed headers).Ryan S. Arnold
2013-01-02Update copyright notices with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2013-01-01Add script to update copyright notices and reformat some to facilitate its use.Joseph Myers
2012-11-23use $(READELF) rather than readelfMike Frysinger
2012-10-08nptl_db/Makefile: force C locale when running readelfJonathan Nieder
2012-03-07Remove distribute variable from MakefilesUlrich Drepper
2012-02-09Replace FSF snail mail address with URLs.Paul Eggert
2011-09-15Avoid race between {,__de}allocate_stack and __reclaim_stacks during forkAndreas Schwab
2009-08-23Fix td_ta_map_lwp2thr logging and early sanity check.Roland McGrath
2009-05-27[BZ #10200]Aurelien Jarno
2009-03-19* td_symbol_list.c (DB_LOOKUP_NAME, DB_LOOKUP_NAME_TH_UNIQUE):cvs/fedora-glibc-20090320T1944Roland McGrath
2009-03-192009-03-19 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>Roland McGrath
2009-02-28* Makeconfig (%.v.i): Depend on Makeconfig.Roland McGrath
2009-02-06* td_thr_get_info.c (td_thr_get_info): Initialize schedpolicy inUlrich Drepper
2008-03-26[BZ #5983]cvs/fedora-glibc-20080326T1041Roland McGrath
2008-03-26* structs.def: Add pid field of struct pthread.Roland McGrath
2008-03-262008-03-25 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>Roland McGrath
2007-06-26* init.c (__nptl_initial_report_events): New variable.Roland McGrath
2007-01-11[BZ #2510, BZ #2830, BZ #3137, BZ #3313, BZ #3426, BZ #3465, BZ #3480, BZ #34...Ulrich Drepper
2007-07-31.Jakub Jelinek
2006-10-31* nptl_db/db_info.c [TLS_DTV_AT_TP]: Fixed size init for dtvpUlrich Drepper