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2020-02-27malloc/tst-mallocfork2: Kill lingering process for unexpected failuresAdhemerval Zanella
2020-01-17Remove incorrect alloc_size attribute from pvalloc [BZ #25401]Florian Weimer
2020-01-03elf: Move vDSO setup to rtld (BZ#24967)Adhemerval Zanella
2020-01-01Update copyright dates not handled by scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2020-01-01Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2019-12-05Correct range checking in mallopt/mxfast/tcache [BZ #25194]DJ Delorie
2019-10-30Base max_fast on alignment, not width, of bins (Bug 24903)DJ Delorie
2019-09-07Prefer https to http for gnu.org and fsf.org URLsPaul Eggert
2019-08-15malloc: Various cleanups for malloc/tst-mxfastFlorian Weimer
2019-08-09Add glibc.malloc.mxfast tunableDJ Delorie
2019-08-08malloc: Fix missing accounting of top chunk in malloc_info [BZ #24026]Niklas Hamb├╝chen
2019-08-01malloc: Remove unwanted leading whitespace in malloc_info [BZ #24867]Florian Weimer
2019-07-10Don't declare __malloc_check_init in <malloc.h> (bug 23352)Andreas Schwab
2019-07-02malloc: Add nptl, htl dependency for the subdirectory [BZ #24757]Florian Weimer
2019-06-10Fix malloc tests build with GCC 10.Joseph Myers
2019-05-17Small tcache improvementsWilco Dijkstra
2019-05-10Fix tcache count maximum (BZ #24531)Wilco Dijkstra
2019-05-08malloc/tst-mallocfork2: Use process-shared barriersFlorian Weimer
2019-04-24memusagestat: use local glibc when linking [BZ #18465]Mike Frysinger
2019-04-23Remove do_set_mallopt_check prototypeH.J. Lu
2019-04-18malloc: make malloc fail with requests larger than PTRDIFF_MAX (BZ#23741)Adhemerval Zanella
2019-04-09malloc: Set and reset all hooks for tracing (Bug 16573)Carlos O'Donell
2019-03-14malloc: Check for large bin list corruption when inserting unsorted chunkAdam Maris
2019-02-25Break more lines before not after operators.Joseph Myers
2019-02-06Avoid "inline" after return type in function definitions.Joseph Myers
2019-02-04Fix assertion in malloc.c:tcache_get.Joseph Myers
2019-01-18malloc: Revert fastbins to old-style atomicsFlorian Weimer
2019-01-01Update copyright dates not handled by scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2019-01-01Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2018-12-31malloc: Always call memcpy in _int_realloc [BZ #24027]Florian Weimer
2018-12-28Replace check_mul_overflow_size_t with __builtin_mul_overflowAdhemerval Zanella
2018-12-21malloc: Check the alignment of mmapped chunks before unmapping.Istvan Kurucsai
2018-12-20malloc: Add more integrity checks to mremap_chunk.Istvan Kurucsai
2018-12-07malloc: Add another test for tcache double free check.DJ Delorie
2018-11-26malloc: tcache: Validate tc_idx before checking for double-frees [BZ #23907]Florian Weimer
2018-11-20malloc: tcache double free checkDJ Delorie
2018-11-13malloc: Use current (C11-style) atomics for fastbin accessFlorian Weimer
2018-11-12malloc: Convert the unlink macro to the unlink_chunk functionFlorian Weimer
2018-08-20malloc: Add ChangeLog for accidentally committed changeFlorian Weimer
2018-08-17malloc: Additional checks for unsorted bin integrity I.Istvan Kurucsai
2018-08-16malloc: Mitigate null-byte overflow attacksMoritz Eckert
2018-08-16malloc: Verify size of top chunk.Pochang Chen
2018-06-29libc: Extend __libc_freeres framework (Bug 23329).Carlos O'Donell
2018-06-29malloc: Update heap dumping/undumping comments [BZ #23351]Florian Weimer
2018-06-26Run thread shutdown functions in an explicit orderFlorian Weimer
2018-03-14malloc: harden removal from unsorted listFrancois Goichon
2018-03-09malloc: Revert sense of prev_inuse in commentsFlorian Weimer
2018-02-21Mechanically remove _IO_ name aliases for types and constants.Zack Weinberg
2018-02-10[BZ #22830] malloc_stats: restore cancellation for stderr correctly.Zack Weinberg
2018-01-29malloc: Use assert.h's assert macroSamuel Thibault