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2020-01-24Fix locale/tst-locale-locpath cross-testing when sshd sets LANG.Joseph Myers
2020-01-01Update copyright dates not handled by scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2020-01-01Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2019-11-26locale: Greek -> ASCII transliteration table [BZ #12031]Egor Kobylkin
2019-11-06Add mnw language code [BZ #25139]Mike FABIAN
2019-10-18loadarchive: guard against locale-archive corruption (Bug #25115)DJ Delorie
2019-09-09Regenerate charmap-kw.h, locfile-kw.hPaul Eggert
2019-09-07Prefer https to http for gnu.org and fsf.org URLsPaul Eggert
2019-09-05locale: Avoid zero-length array in _nl_category_names [BZ #24962]Florian Weimer
2019-09-03localedef: Use initializer for flexible array member [BZ #24950]Florian Weimer
2019-07-20locale/C-translit.h.in: Cyrillic -> ASCII transliteration [BZ #2872]Egor Kobylkin
2019-07-10locale/tst-locale-locpath: Fix arguments passingMao Han
2019-06-26Fix build warnings in locale/programs/ld-ctype.cStefan Liebler
2019-04-24locale/tst-locale-locpath: Run test only for $(run-built-tests) == yesFlorian Weimer
2019-04-23locale: Add LOCPATH diagnostics to the locale programFlorian Weimer
2019-03-21Fix parentheses error in iconvconfig.c and ld-collate.c [BZ #24372]Gabriel F. T. Gomes
2019-03-21iconv, localedef: avoid floating point rounding differences [BZ #24372]DJ Delorie
2019-02-25Break more lines before not after operators.Joseph Myers
2019-02-22Break some lines before not after operators.Joseph Myers
2019-02-12Add fall-through comments.Joseph Myers
2019-01-01Update copyright dates not handled by scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2019-01-01Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2018-12-18locale: Rewrite locale/gen-translit.pl in PythonFlorian Weimer
2018-12-03Add --no-hard-links option to localedef (bug 23923)Carlos O'Donell
2018-07-25Fix out of bounds access in findidxwc (bug 23442)Andreas Schwab
2018-02-27Fix two more -Os strcoll / wcscoll build failures.Joseph Myers
2018-02-07Fix -Os strcoll, wcscoll, build (bug 21313).Joseph Myers
2018-01-22Abbreviated alternative month names (%Ob) also added (bug 10871).Rafal Luzynski
2018-01-22Implement alternative month names (bug 10871).Rafal Luzynski
2018-01-01Update copyright dates not handled by scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2018-01-01Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2017-12-11Replace = with += in CFLAGS-xxx.c/CPPFLAGS-xxx.cH.J. Lu
2017-10-30Assume that _DIRENT_HAVE_D_TYPE is always defined.Florian Weimer
2017-10-28Correct the size of _nl_value_type_LC_... arrays.Rafal Luzynski
2017-10-25localedef: Add --no-warnings/--warnings optionCarlos O'Donell
2017-10-25Add new locale yuw_PG [BZ #20952]Mike FABIAN
2017-10-19Add new locale mjw_IN [BZ #13994]Mike FABIAN
2017-10-15locale: Don't use \n with record_verbose messages.Carlos O'Donell
2017-10-13locale: No warning for non-symbolic character (bug 22295)Carlos O'Donell
2017-10-13locale: Allow "" int_curr_Symbol (bug 22294)Carlos O'Donell
2017-10-13locale: Fix localedef exit code (Bug 22292)Carlos O'Donell
2017-10-01Mark internal functions with attribute_hidden [BZ #18822]H.J. Lu
2017-09-09Finish change from “Bengali” to “Bangla”Mike FABIAN
2017-09-05Add miq_NI locale for MiskitoMike FABIAN
2017-08-31iconv, intl, locale, wcsmbs: Remove internal_functionFlorian Weimer
2017-08-29Add locale for mfe_MUAkhilesh Kumar
2017-08-18Consolidate non cancellable close callAdhemerval Zanella
2017-08-18Consolidate non cancellable read callAdhemerval Zanella
2017-08-17Consolidate non cancellable open callAdhemerval Zanella
2017-08-07Consistently use uintN_t not u_intN_t everywhere.Joseph Myers