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2020-01-01Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2019-09-07Prefer https to http for gnu.org and fsf.org URLsPaul Eggert
2019-02-27Add some spaces before '('.Joseph Myers
2019-02-13Adjust wording of two fall-through comments.Joseph Myers
2019-01-01Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2018-07-24Fix out-of-bounds access in IBM-1390 converter (bug 23448)Andreas Schwab
2018-06-14localedata: Make IBM273 compatible with ISO-8859-1 [BZ #23290]Florian Weimer
2018-04-16Add aliases to recognize normalized charset names (bug 19527)Andreas Schwab
2018-01-01Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2017-09-14Add new codepage charmaps/IBM858 [BZ #21084]Mike FABIAN
2017-07-06Increase some test timeouts.Joseph Myers
2017-05-09Rename cppflags-iterator.mk to libof-iterator.mk, remove extra-modules.mk.Zack Weinberg
2017-03-02Document and fix --enable-bind-now [BZ #21015]Florian Weimer
2017-03-01Narrowing the visibility of libc-internal.h even further.Zack Weinberg
2017-02-16Add missing header files throughout the testsuite.Zack Weinberg
2017-01-05Increase some test timeouts.Joseph Myers
2017-01-01Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2016-11-29gconv: Adjust GBK to support the Euro signFlorian Weimer
2016-10-29Bug 20729: Fix building with -Os.Carlos O'Donell
2016-10-26iconv: Avoid writable data and relocations in ISO646Florian Weimer
2016-10-26iconv: Avoid writable data and relocations in IBM charsetsFlorian Weimer
2016-05-25Fix UTF-16 surrogate handling. [BZ #19727]Stefan Liebler
2016-05-25S390: Get rid of make warning: overriding recipe for target gconv-modules.Stefan Liebler
2016-01-20S390: Fix build error in iconvdata/bug-iconv11.c.Stefan Liebler
2016-01-15Have iconv accept redundant escape sequences in IBM900, IBM903, IBM905,Martin Sebor
2016-01-15Fix build errors with -DNDEBUG.Martin Sebor
2016-01-07Make shebang interpreter directives consistentMarko Myllynen
2016-01-04Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2015-12-15Don't emit invalid extra shift character at block boundary by iconv (bug 17197)Andreas Schwab
2015-12-02Comment on IBM930, IBM933, IBM935, IBM937, IBM939.Carlos O'Donell
2015-10-12Add dependencies on needed locales in each subdir tests (bug 18969)Andreas Schwab
2015-10-07iconvdata: Add missing const to lookup table definitionsFlorian Weimer
2015-08-09fix non-portable `echo -n` usageMike Frysinger
2015-01-02Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2014-12-23iconvdata/run-iconv-test.sh: Actually test iconv modulesFlorian Weimer
2014-12-19iconvdata/tst-loading: bump up timeout to 10sChris Metcalf
2014-12-11Remove duplication from gconv-modulesAndreas Schwab
2014-11-24Remove NOT_IN_libcSiddhesh Poyarekar
2014-11-19Add new macro IN_MODULE to identify module in which source is builtSiddhesh Poyarekar
2014-11-05Modify several tests to use test-skeleton.cArjun Shankar
2014-09-03CVE-2014-6040: Crashes on invalid input in IBM gconv modules [BZ #17325]Florian Weimer
2014-06-18Use $(rtld-prefix) more consistently.Joseph Myers
2014-06-07Remove redundant C locale settings.Joseph Myers
2014-06-06Don't require test wrappers to preserve environment variables, use more consi...Joseph Myers
2014-06-04Include LOCPATH in default test environment.Joseph Myers
2014-05-21Consistently use $(elf-objpfx).Joseph Myers
2014-05-012014-05-01 Steve Ellcey <sellcey@mips.com>Steve Ellcey
2014-05-012014-05-01 Steve Ellcey <sellcey@mips.com>Steve Ellcey
2014-03-07Make tests consistently use *.out output files.Joseph Myers
2014-03-06Enumerate tests with special rules in tests-special variable.Joseph Myers