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2020-02-15hurd: Add THREAD_GET/SETMEM/_NCSamuel Thibault
2020-01-01Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2019-12-29hurd: Global signal dispositionJeremie Koenig
2019-12-29hurd: Signal code refactoringJeremie Koenig
2019-11-07hurd: Use __clock_gettime in _hurd_selectFlorian Weimer
2019-10-27time: Introduce function to check correctness of nanoseconds valueLukasz Majewski
2019-09-07Prefer https to http for gnu.org and fsf.org URLsPaul Eggert
2019-08-30hurd: Fix poll and select POSIX compliancy details about errorsSamuel Thibault
2019-08-30hurd: Fix timeout handling in _hurd_selectRichard Braun
2019-08-30hurd: Fix _hurd_select for single fd setsRichard Braun
2019-03-16hurd: Fix comment styleSamuel Thibault
2019-03-16hurd: Document how EINTR should be handled in critical sectionsSamuel Thibault
2019-02-27Fix -Wempty-body warnings in Hurd-specific code.Joseph Myers
2019-02-25Break more lines before not after operators.Joseph Myers
2019-02-22Break some lines before not after operators.Joseph Myers
2019-01-24hurd: Fix initial sigaltstack stateSamuel Thibault
2019-01-22hurd: Support AT_EMPTY_PATHSamuel Thibault
2019-01-01Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2018-12-28hurd: Handle "pid" magical lookup retryJustus Winter
2018-12-05Add __v*printf_internal with flags argumentsZack Weinberg
2018-11-11hurd: Fix spawni's user_link reallocationSamuel Thibault
2018-11-10Hurd: export _hurd_port_moveSamuel Thibault
2018-11-10Hurd: Fix ulinks in fd table reallocationSamuel Thibault
2018-10-31hurd: Add pci RPC stubsSamuel Thibault
2018-10-29hurd: return EIEIO instead of EIOSamuel Thibault
2018-10-28hurd: Fix race between calling RPC and handling a signalSamuel Thibault
2018-10-28hurd: Return EIO on non-responding interrupted serversSamuel Thibault
2018-10-28hurd: set interrupt timeout to 1 minuteSamuel Thibault
2018-08-01hurd: Fix exec usage of mach_setup_threadSamuel Thibault
2018-04-04hurd: Silence warningSamuel Thibault
2018-04-03Revert parts of "hurd: Avoid more libc.so local PLTs"Samuel Thibault
2018-04-03hurd: Avoid more libc.so local PLTsSamuel Thibault
2018-04-02hurd: Avoid more libc.so PLTsSamuel Thibault
2018-04-02hurd: Avoid some libc.so PLTsSamuel Thibault
2018-04-02hurd: Avoid some PLTs in libc and librtSamuel Thibault
2018-03-20hurd: Code style fixesSamuel Thibault
2018-03-19hurd: Fix build with latest htlSamuel Thibault
2018-03-18hurd: Fix O_DIRECTORY | O_NOFOLLOWSamuel Thibault
2018-03-18hurd: Fix O_NOFOLLOWSamuel Thibault
2018-03-18hurd: Fix copyright yearsSamuel Thibault
2018-03-18hurd: Reimplement libc locks using mach's gsyncAgustina Arzille
2018-03-18hurd: Fix coding styleSamuel Thibault
2018-03-17hurd: Fix link cthread/pthread symbol exposition.Samuel Thibault
2018-03-17hurd: Replace threadvars with TLSSamuel Thibault
2018-03-17hurd: Fix getting signal thread stack layout for forkSamuel Thibault
2018-03-17hurd: add TLS supportSamuel Thibault
2018-03-05hurd: Fix includability of <hurd/signal.h> in all standardsSamuel Thibault
2018-03-04Separate out error_t definitionSamuel Thibault
2018-03-04hurd: Make almost all hurd headers includable in all standardsSamuel Thibault
2018-03-04hurd: Avoid using ino64_t and loff_t in headersSamuel Thibault