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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-06Remove reference of --without-fp on configureAdhemerval Zanella
2020-03-05Improve IFUNC check [BZ #25506]Fangrui Song
2019-12-03x86: Assume --enable-cet if GCC defaults to CET [BZ #25225]Florian Weimer
2019-09-09Fix http: URL in 'configure'Paul Eggert
2019-09-07Prefer https to http for gnu.org and fsf.org URLsPaul Eggert
2019-02-27elf/Makefile: Run IFUNC tests if binutils supports IFUNCH.J. Lu
2019-02-01Require GCC 6.2 or later to build glibc.Joseph Myers
2018-12-21Require GCC 5 or later to build glibc (bug 23993).Joseph Myers
2018-10-29Patch to require Python 3.4 or later to build glibc.Joseph Myers
2018-09-25Fix ifunc support with DT_TEXTREL segments (BZ#20480)Adhemerval Zanella
2018-08-17Add --with-nonshared-cflags option to configureFlorian Weimer
2018-07-16x86: Support IBT and SHSTK in Intel CET [BZ #21598]H.J. Lu
2018-07-04testrun.sh: Implement --tool=strace, --tool=valgrindFlorian Weimer
2018-06-29New configure option --disable-crypt.Zack Weinberg
2017-12-18Pass -no-pie to GCC only if GCC defaults to PIE [BZ #22614]H.J. Lu
2017-12-15Add --enable-static-pie configure option to build static PIE [BZ #19574]H.J. Lu
2017-12-12Remove --with-fp / --without-fp.Joseph Myers
2017-12-05Add elision tunablesRogerio Alves
2017-11-30plural.c: improve reproducibilityJuro Bystricky
2017-11-16Prefer https for Sourceware linksSiddhesh Poyarekar
2017-11-06Use newly built crt*.o files to build shared objects [BZ #22362]H.J. Lu
2017-10-20Avoid build multiarch if compiler warns about mismatched aliasAdhemerval Zanella
2017-10-05Remove add-ons mechanism.Joseph Myers
2017-10-04crypt: Use NSPR header files in addition to NSS header files [BZ #17956]Guido Trentalancia
2017-09-25Update configure.ac for binutils 2.25H.J. Lu
2017-08-04Check linker support for INSERT in linker scriptH.J. Lu
2017-07-06Add per-thread cache to mallocDJ Delorie
2017-06-28Require binutils 2.25 or later to build glibc.Joseph Myers
2017-06-28Support building glibc with gold 1.14 or above [BZ #14995]H.J. Lu
2017-06-19Require GCC 4.9 or later for building glibc.Joseph Myers
2017-06-15Enable tunables by defaultSiddhesh Poyarekar
2017-06-13configure: Suppress expected compiler error messageFlorian Weimer
2017-06-13Make copy of <bits/std_abs.h> from GCC 7 [BZ #21573]H.J. Lu
2017-03-21Deprecate libnsl by default (only shared library will beThorsten Kukuk
2017-03-15Fix combreloc test with BSD grepAlexey Neyman
2016-12-31Enhance --enable-tunables to select tunables frontend at build timeSiddhesh Poyarekar
2016-12-31Add framework for tunablesSiddhesh Poyarekar
2016-12-26Work even with compilers which enable -fstack-protector by default [BZ #7065]Nick Alcock
2016-12-26Do not stack-protect ifunc resolvers [BZ #7065]Nick Alcock
2016-12-26Configure support for --enable-stack-protector [BZ #7065]Nick Alcock
2016-12-22Add configure check for python programSiddhesh Poyarekar
2016-12-02Bug 20918 - Building with --enable-nss-crypt fails tst-linkall-staticCarlos O'Donell
2016-11-15configure: accept __stack_chk_fail_local for ssp support too [BZ #20662]Denis Kaganovich
2016-10-07Add configure check to test if gcc supports attribute ifunc.Stefan Liebler
2016-09-21Avoid running $(CXX) during build to obtain header file pathsFlorian Weimer
2016-07-12x86-64: Properly align stack in _dl_tlsdesc_dynamic [BZ #20309]H.J. Lu
2016-05-24Avoid an extra branch to PLT for -z nowH.J. Lu
2016-01-17configure: make the unsupported error message less hostileMike Frysinger
2015-12-02Use shell's builtin pwd.Ludovic Court├Ęs
2015-11-27Rename localedir to complocaledir (bug 14259).Carlos O'Donell