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2020-01-01Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2019-09-07Prefer https to http for gnu.org and fsf.org URLsPaul Eggert
2019-03-13Use a proper C tokenizer to implement the obsolete typedefs test.Zack Weinberg
2019-02-16Add check for missing wrapper headersFlorian Weimer
2019-01-01Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2018-10-29Patch to require Python 3.4 or later to build glibc.Joseph Myers
2018-08-22Add test-in-container infrastructure.DJ Delorie
2018-01-01Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2017-05-11Suppress internal declarations for most of the testsuite.Zack Weinberg
2017-01-01Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2016-12-30Fix pretty printer tests for run-built-tests == noSiddhesh Poyarekar
2016-12-22Add configure check for python programSiddhesh Poyarekar
2016-12-18Add -B to python invocation to avoid generating pyc filesMartin Galvan
2016-12-13Expose linking against libsupport as make dependencyFlorian Weimer
2016-12-08Fix tests-printers handling for cross compiling.Joseph Myers
2016-12-08Add pretty printers for the NPTL lock typesMartin Galvan
2016-11-04Do not generate UNRESOLVED results for run-built-tests = no.Joseph Myers
2016-11-04Handle tests-unsupported if run-built-tests = no.Joseph Myers
2016-09-23Installed header hygiene (BZ#20366): Test of installed headers.Zack Weinberg
2016-07-11Revert "Add pretty printers for the NPTL lock types"Siddhesh Poyarekar
2016-07-08Add pretty printers for the NPTL lock typesMartin Galvan
2016-04-20New make target to only build benchmark binariesSiddhesh Poyarekar
2016-01-04Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2015-03-10Let tests result in UNSUPPORTED; use that for unbuildable C++ casesRoland McGrath
2015-03-05Avoid re-exec-self in bug-setlocale1.Roland McGrath
2015-01-02Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2014-11-26Remove TEST_IFUNC, tests-ifunc and *-ifunc.c tests.Joseph Myers
2014-06-06Don't require test wrappers to preserve environment variables, use more consi...Joseph Myers
2014-06-04Include LOCPATH in default test environment.Joseph Myers
2014-03-07Generate overall summary of test results.Joseph Myers
2014-03-06Enumerate tests with special rules in tests-special variable.Joseph Myers
2014-02-15Generate .test-result files for ordinary tests.Tomas Dohnalek
2014-01-01Update copyright notices with scripts/update-copyrightsAllan McRae
2013-04-12Move bench target to benchtestsSiddhesh Poyarekar
2013-04-11Don't use run-via-rtld-prefix for anything other than testsSiddhesh Poyarekar
2013-04-11Remove evalSiddhesh Poyarekar
2013-04-03Update bench.out and bench.out.old only upon completionSiddhesh Poyarekar
2013-04-03Echo benchmark that is currently runningSiddhesh Poyarekar
2013-03-21Allow adding of arbitrary code to benchmark testsSiddhesh Poyarekar
2013-03-15Framework for performance benchmarking of functionsSiddhesh Poyarekar
2013-02-15Remove bounded-pointers build system support.Joseph Myers
2013-01-11Add --enable-hardcoded-path-in-tests configure optionH.J. Lu
2013-01-02Update copyright notices with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2012-10-24Support cross-testing.Joseph Myers
2012-10-24Define and use $(run-built-tests).Joseph Myers
2012-10-11Framework to test IFUNC implementations on targetH.J. Lu
2012-07-03Avoid use of libgcc_s and libgcc_eh when building glibc.Joseph Myers
2012-02-09Replace FSF snail mail address with URLs.Paul Eggert
2011-05-13Add support for generated PIE link rulesAndreas Schwab
2006-02-28* Makefile (subdir-target-args): New variable.Roland McGrath