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+flexloader is a small utility to configure SRAM base ALTERA devices.
+It downloads a code to the device SRAM using the ALTERA ByteBlaster
+or a clone (see byteblaster.png for a schematic). It dialogs with it
+through the parallel interface, using parport. Note that you should
+have access rights to the parallel port.
+It should support APEX20K, FLEX10K, FLEX6000 and ACEX1K families,
+though I only tested it on a FLEX10K10 device.
+It currently only support files in raw binary format (.rbf), but others
+format such as HEX or TTF may be implemented later.
+It's use is very simple:
+ flexloader /dev/parport0 code.rbf
+flexloader currently supports a few options switches, you can get them
+ flexloader --help