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2019-05-13Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/armbru/tags/pull-misc-2019-05-13' into ...Peter Maydell
2019-05-13Clean up header guards that don't match their file nameMarkus Armbruster
2019-05-13Use #include "..." for our own headers, <...> for othersMarkus Armbruster
2019-05-13Clean up includesMarkus Armbruster
2019-05-10libvhost-user: add PROTOCOL_F_CONFIG if {set, get}_configMarc-André Lureau
2019-05-10libvhost-user: fix -Waddress-of-packed-memberMarc-André Lureau
2019-05-07QEMU_PACKED: Remove gcc_struct attribute in Windows non x86 targetsCao Jiaxi
2019-03-16contrib/rdmacm-mux: Fix out-of-bounds riskYuval Shaia
2019-03-14Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/stsquad/tags/pull-gitdm-next-120319-1' ...Peter Maydell
2019-03-12libvhost-user: Support tracking inflight I/O in shared memoryXie Yongji
2019-03-12libvhost-user: Introduce vu_queue_map_desc()Xie Yongji
2019-03-12libvhost-user: Remove unnecessary FD flag check for event file descriptorsXie Yongji
2019-03-12libvhost-user: add vu_queue_unpop()Marc-André Lureau
2019-03-12libvhost-user-glib: export vug_source_new()Marc-André Lureau
2019-03-12libvhost-user: exit by default on VHOST_USER_NONEMarc-André Lureau
2019-03-12libvhost-user: fix clang enum-conversion warningMarc-André Lureau
2019-03-12contrib: gitdm: add a mapping for Janus TechnologiesAlex Bennée
2019-03-12contrib: gitdm: another IBM emailAlex Bennée
2019-03-12contrib: gitdm: add more individual contributorsAlex Bennée
2019-03-12contrib: gitdm: Update Wave Computing groupAleksandar Markovic
2019-03-12contrib: gitdm: Update domain-mapAleksandar Markovic
2019-03-11contrib/elf2dmp: add kernel start address checkingViktor Prutyanov
2019-02-05Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/bonzini/tags/for-upstream' into stagingPeter Maydell
2019-02-05contrib/libvhost-user: cleanup castsMichael S. Tsirkin
2019-02-05vhost-user-blk: add discard/write zeroes features supportChangpeng Liu
2019-02-05contrib/vhost-user-blk: fix the compilation issuePeter Xu
2019-02-05contrib/elf2dmp: fix printf formatViktor Prutyanov
2019-02-05contrib/elf2dmp: fix structures definitionsViktor Prutyanov
2019-02-05contrib/elf2dmp: use GLib in PDB processingViktor Prutyanov
2019-02-05contrib/elf2dmp: use GLib in ELF processingViktor Prutyanov
2019-02-05contrib/elf2dmp: fix elf.h includingViktor Prutyanov
2019-02-04contrib/libvhost-user: switch to uint64_tMichael S. Tsirkin
2019-01-24contrib/gitdm: Fix a typoPhilippe Mathieu-Daudé
2019-01-19contrib/rdmacm-mux: fix clang compilationMarcel Apfelbaum
2019-01-19hw/rdma: modify struct initializationMarcel Apfelbaum
2019-01-19contrib/rdmacm-mux: remove Wno-format-truncation flagMarcel Apfelbaum
2019-01-14contrib/gitdm: add another name to WaveComp mapAlex Bennée
2019-01-14contrib/gitdm: add two more IBM'ers to group-map-ibmAlex Bennée
2019-01-14contrib/gitdm: Add other IBMersJoel Stanley
2019-01-14contrib/gitdm: add Nokia and Proxmox to the domain-mapAlex Bennée
2019-01-11avoid TABs in files that only contain a fewPaolo Bonzini
2019-01-11qemu/queue.h: leave head structs anonymous unless necessaryPaolo Bonzini
2018-12-22contrib/rdmacm-mux: Add implementation of RDMA User MAD multiplexerYuval Shaia
2018-12-20Clean up includesMarkus Armbruster
2018-12-17contrib: add a basic gitdm configAlex Bennée
2018-10-02contrib: add elf2dmp toolViktor Prutyanov
2018-06-01vhost-blk: turn on pre-defined RO feature bitChangpeng Liu
2018-05-24libvhost-user: support host notifierTiwei Bie
2018-05-23contrib/vhost-user-blk: enable protocol feature for vhost-user-blkChangpeng Liu
2018-05-23libvhost-user: Send messages with no dataDr. David Alan Gilbert