AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-04-21net: Fix -net socket,listen (Jan Kiszka)aliguori
2009-04-21net: Check device passed to host_net_remove (Jan Kiszka)aliguori
2009-04-21MIPS signal handling fixes.pbrook
2009-04-21MIPS: Raise SIGSEGV, not SIGILL when an access faults.pbrook
2009-04-21Fix target_siginfo ordering for MIPS.pbrook
2009-04-20Enable access to SYNCI_Step register in usermode emulation.pbrook
2009-04-19Build system: Fix dependency of qemu.1blueswir1
2009-04-19kqemu: merge CONFIG_KQEMU and USE_KQEMUblueswir1
2009-04-19Adds SM501 usb host emulation feature.aurel32
2009-04-19linux-user: Linux kernel's fchmodat and faccessat have three args (no 4th arg)aurel32
2009-04-19Fix indices in Menelaus save/load.balrog
2009-04-18kqemu: only compile kqemu.o if actually neededblueswir1
2009-04-18linux-user: fix IPCOP_sem* and implement sem*aurel32
2009-04-18qemu-io: Verify read data by patterns (Kevin Wolf)aliguori
2009-04-18qemu-io: Fix handling of bdrv_is_allocated() return value (Kevin Wolf)aliguori
2009-04-18monitor: Update command help (Jan Kiszka)aliguori
2009-04-18x86: Enhanced dump of segment registers (Jan Kiszka)aliguori
2009-04-18a couple of qemu-io fixes (Christoph Hellwig)aliguori
2009-04-18buildsytem: consistently use install (Christoph Egger)aliguori
2009-04-18Use ANSI prototypes to please sparseblueswir1
2009-04-18Add 'static' to avoid a sparse warningblueswir1
2009-04-18Move bootp_filename to avoid a sparse warningblueswir1
2009-04-17Fix non-ACPI Timer Interrupt Routing (Beth Kon)aliguori
2009-04-17hpet: Fix emulation of HPET_TN_SETVAL (Jan Kiszka)aliguori
2009-04-17kvm: Fix cpuid initialization (Jan Kiszka)aliguori
2009-04-17qcow2 corruption: Fix alloc_cluster_link_l2 (Kevin Wolf)aliguori
2009-04-17Make the sed script also work with OpenBSD and OpenSolaris sedsblueswir1
2009-04-17qemu: Add support for SMBIOS command line otions (Alex Williamson)aliguori
2009-04-17qemu: Add prototype and make qemu_uuid_parse() non-static (Alex Williamson)aliguori
2009-04-17Free VLANClientState using qemu_free() (Mark McLoughlin)aliguori
2009-04-17Introduce VLANClientState::cleanup() (Mark McLoughlin)aliguori
2009-04-17Use NICInfo::model for eepro100 savevm ID string (Mark McLoughlin)aliguori
2009-04-17Add unregister_savevm() (Mark McLoughlin)aliguori
2009-04-17Remove NICInfo from e1000 and mipsnet state (Mark McLoughlin)aliguori
2009-04-17Remove some useless malloc() checking (Mark McLoughlin)aliguori
2009-04-17Don't fail PCI hotplug if no NIC model is supplied (Mark McLoughlin)aliguori
2009-04-17Fix error handling in net_client_init() (Mark McLoughlin)aliguori
2009-04-17struct iovec is now universally available (Mark McLoughlin)aliguori
2009-04-17Remove stray GSO code from virtio_net (Mark McLoughlin)aliguori
2009-04-17vga: Cleanup dirty logging (Jan Kiszka)aliguori
2009-04-17vga: Fix inconsistent tracking of map_addr (Jan Kiszka)aliguori
2009-04-17kvm: improve handling of overlapping slots (Jan Kiszka)aliguori
2009-04-17kvm: Add sanity checks to slot management (Jan Kiszka)aliguori
2009-04-17kvm: Cleanup unmap condition in kvm_set_phys_mem (Jan Kiszka)aliguori
2009-04-17kvm: Apply SMM-already-initialized workaround on reset (Jan Kiszka)aliguori
2009-04-17kvm: Sync CPU state on reset (Jan Kiszka)aliguori
2009-04-17linux-user: fix inotify syscallsaurel32
2009-04-17Revert "target-mips: fix call to check_*() functions"aurel32
2009-04-17target-mips: simplify exception generationaurel32
2009-04-16Translate signal values in exit status.pbrook