BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUpdate version for v5.0.0-rc2 releasePeter Maydell4 years
target-sh4-nexttarget/sh4: Convert to DisasContextBaseRichard Henderson6 years
target-s390x-etf2target/s390x: update maximum TCG model to z800Aurelien Jarno7 years
target-s390x-ztarget/s390x: improve MOVE LONG and MOVE LONG EXTENDEDAurelien Jarno7 years
target-mips-nexttarget/mips: optimize WSBH, DSBH and DSHDAurelien Jarno7 years
aurel32translate-all: add tb hash bucket info to 'info jit' dumpEmilio G. Cota8 years
tcg-fixestcg/mips: fix add2Aurelien Jarno8 years
tcg-optimizertcg: update README about size changing opsAurelien Jarno8 years
mips-redbootPartial support for RedbootAurelien Jarno15 years
v5.0.0-rc2commit f3bac27cc1...Peter Maydell4 years
v5.0.0-rc1commit 2833ad487c...Peter Maydell4 years
v5.0.0-rc0commit 736cf607e4...Peter Maydell4 years
v4.2.0commit b0ca999a43...Peter Maydell4 years
v4.2.0-rc5commit 52901abf94...Peter Maydell4 years
v4.2.0-rc4commit 1bdc319ab5...Peter Maydell4 years
v4.2.0-rc3commit 1a61a081ac...Peter Maydell4 years
v4.2.0-rc2commit 39e2821077...Peter Maydell4 years
v4.1.1commit 99c5874a9b...Michael Roth4 years
v4.2.0-rc1commit aa464db69b...Peter Maydell4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-11-14Update version for 4.1.1 releasev4.1.1Michael Roth
2019-11-12mirror: Keep mirror_top_bs drained after dropping permissionsKevin Wolf
2019-11-12block/create: Do not abort if a block driver is not availablePhilippe Mathieu-Daudé
2019-11-12vhost: Fix memory region section comparisonDr. David Alan Gilbert
2019-11-12memory: Provide an equality function for MemoryRegionSectionsDr. David Alan Gilbert
2019-11-12memory: Align MemoryRegionSections fieldsDr. David Alan Gilbert
2019-11-12tests: make filemonitor test more robust to event orderingDaniel P. Berrangé
2019-11-12block: posix: Always allocate the first blockNir Soffer
2019-11-12file-posix: Handle undetectable alignmentNir Soffer
2019-11-12block/file-posix: Let post-EOF fallocate serializeMax Reitz