AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-11firmware: Minor optimization in _scratch_init()Bin Meng
2021-07-11platform: generic: Add PMU supportAtish Patra
2021-07-11lib: sbi: Improve TLB function namingAtish Patra
2021-07-11lib: sbi: Implement firmware countersAtish Patra
2021-07-11lib: sbi: Implement SBI PMU extensionAtish Patra
2021-07-11utils: fdt: Add fdt helper functions to parse PMU DT nodesAtish Patra
2021-07-11lib: sbi: Add PMU supportAtish Patra
2021-07-11lib: sbi: Add PMU specific platform hooksAtish Patra
2021-07-11lib: sbi: Use csr_read/write_num to read/update PMU countersAtish Patra
2021-07-11lib: sbi: Remove redundant boot time print statementAtish Patra
2021-07-11include: Add a list empty check functionAtish Patra
2021-07-11lib: sbi: Disable m/scounteren & enable mcountinhibitAtish Patra
2021-07-11lib: sbi: Detect number of bits implemented in mhpmcounterAtish Patra
2021-07-11lib: sbi: Remove stray '\' characterAtish Patra
2021-07-11lib: sbi: Detect mcountinihibit support at runtimeAtish Patra
2021-07-11docs: Add device tree bindings for SBI PMU extensionAtish Patra
2021-07-06platform: generic: Terminate platform.name with nullBin Meng
2021-07-06docs/platform: thead-c9xx: Remove FW_PIC=yBin Meng
2021-07-05lib: utils: reset: unify naming of 'sifive_test' deviceGreen Wan
2021-06-24platform: Replace CLINT library usage with ACLINT libraryAnup Patel
2021-06-24lib: utils/timer: Add FDT based ACLINT MTIMER driverAnup Patel
2021-06-24lib: utils/ipi: Add FDT based ACLINT MSWI IPI driverAnup Patel
2021-06-24lib: utils: Add FDT parsing API common for both ACLINT and CLINTAnup Patel
2021-06-24lib: utils/ipi: Add ACLINT MSWI libraryAnup Patel
2021-06-24lib: utils/timer: Add ACLINT MTIMER libraryAnup Patel
2021-06-22lib: simplify sbi_fifo_inplace_update()Heinrich Schuchardt
2021-06-22lib: sign conflict in wake_coldboot_harts()Heinrich Schuchardt
2021-06-22lib: sign conflict in sbi_tlb_entry_process()Heinrich Schuchardt
2021-06-22lib: utils/libfdt: Upgrade to v1.6.1 releaseBin Meng
2021-06-12lib: sbi: Fix GET_F64_REG inline assemblyCharles Papon
2021-06-11lib: utils: missing initialization in thead_reset_initHeinrich Schuchardt
2021-06-11lib: sbi_scratch: zero out scratch memory on all hartsHeinrich Schuchardt
2021-06-11platform: andes/ae350: Drop plicsw_ipi_sync()Bin Meng
2021-06-11platform: andes/ae350: Drop plicsw_get_pending()Bin Meng
2021-06-11docs/platform: andes-ae350: Fix missing spacesBin Meng
2021-06-11platform: andes/ae350: Cosmetic fixes in plicsw.cBin Meng
2021-06-02lib: sbi_scratch: remove owner from sbi_scratch_alloc_offsetHeinrich Schuchardt
2021-06-02lib: utils: consider ':' in stdout-pathHeinrich Schuchardt
2021-06-02docs: debugging OpenSBIHeinrich Schuchardt
2021-05-24lib: utils: Try other FDT drivers when we see SBI_ENODEVAnup Patel
2021-05-24lib: Check region base for merging in sbi_domain_root_add_memregion()Anup Patel
2021-05-19lib: utils/fdt: Replace strcmp with strncmpDaniel Schaefer
2021-05-19lib: utils/fdt: Don't use sbi_string functionsDaniel Schaefer
2021-05-19lib: utils: Add strncpy macro to libfdt_env.hDaniel Schaefer
2021-05-19Makefile: unconditionally disable SSPFabrice Fontaine
2021-05-19lib: utils/serial: Support Synopsys DesignWare APB UARTBin Meng
2021-05-14lib: sbi: Have spinlock checks return boolDaniel Schaefer
2021-05-06platform: Remove sifive/fu540 platformBin Meng
2021-05-06docs: platform: Describe sifive_fu540 as supported generic platformBin Meng
2021-05-06docs: platform: Sort platform namesBin Meng