AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-10-01lib: utils: identify supported GPIO reset methodsHeinrich Schuchardt
2021-09-26lib: utils/reset: use sbi_timer_mdelay() in gpio reset driverAnup Patel
2021-09-26lib: sbi: Add generic timer delay loop functionAnup Patel
2021-09-26lib: sbi: Print timer frequency at boot timeAnup Patel
2021-09-26lib: sbi: Add timer frequency to struct sbi_timer_deviceAnup Patel
2021-09-26lib: utils/fdt: Add fdt_parse_timebase_frequency() functionAnup Patel
2021-09-22lib: sbi: Add BUG() macro for csr_read/write_num() and misa_string()Xiang W
2021-09-22lib: sbi: add some macros to detect BUG at runtimeXiang W
2021-09-22lib: sbi: fix ctz bugXiang W
2021-09-14lib: utils/reset: Add a sunxi watchdog reset driverSamuel Holland
2021-09-14lib: utils/reset: Sort fdt_reset driver listSamuel Holland
2021-09-03lib: sbi: Refine the way to construct platform featuresDong Du
2021-09-03lib: sbi: Checking fifo validness in sbi_fifo_is_empty and is_fullDong Du
2021-08-30lib: sbi: protect dprintf output with spinlockDong Du
2021-08-30lib: sbi: Correct typo in faults delegation CSR nameRahul Pathak
2021-08-20payloads/test: Add support for SBI v0.2 ecallsSamuel Holland
2021-08-20lib: sbi_trap: Restore redirect for access faultsSamuel Holland
2021-08-20lib: sbi: Fix bug in sbi_ecall_rfence that misses checkingDong Du
2021-08-14lib: utils/timer: Simplify MTIMER synchronizationAnup Patel
2021-08-14lib: utils/timer: Allow ACLINT MTIMER supporting only 32-bit MMIOAnup Patel
2021-08-14lib: utils/fdt: Extend fdt_parse_aclint_node() functionAnup Patel
2021-08-14lib: utils: Extend fdt_get_node_addr_size() for multiple register setsAnup Patel
2021-08-14lib: utils/timer: Allow separate base addresses for MTIME and MTIMECMPAnup Patel
2021-08-07lib: utils/fdt: Change addr and size to uint64_tBin Meng
2021-08-07lib: sbi: Fix bug in strncmp function when count is 0Dong Du
2021-07-27lib: utils: support both of gpio-poweroff, gpio-resetHeinrich Schuchardt
2021-07-27lib: utils: remove unused variable in fdt_reset_initHeinrich Schuchardt
2021-07-27generic: fu740: add workaround for CIP-1200 errataDavid Abdurachmanov
2021-07-27firmware: use _fw_start for load addressXiang W
2021-07-27Makefile: Manually forward RELAX_FLAG to the assembler when linking with LLDBin Meng
2021-07-17README: Update toolchain informationBin Meng
2021-07-17docs: Document FW_PIC compile time optionBin Meng
2021-07-17docs: Document parameters passed to firmware and alignment requirementBin Meng
2021-07-17firmware: Remove the unhelpful alignment codes before fdt relocationBin Meng
2021-07-17include: types: Use __builtin_offsetof when supportedAlex Richardson
2021-07-17firmware: use __SIZEOF_LONG__ for field offsets in fw_dynamic.hAlex Richardson
2021-07-17lib: utils/reset: Add generic GPIO reset driverGreen Wan
2021-07-17lib: utils/gpio: Add minimal SiFive GPIO driverGreen Wan
2021-07-17lib: utils/gpio: Add simple FDT based GPIO frameworkAnup Patel
2021-07-17lib: utils/gpio: Add generic GPIO configuration libraryAnup Patel
2021-07-17lib: utils/fdt: Add fdt_parse_phandle_with_args() APIAnup Patel
2021-07-11lib: utils: Drop dependency on libgcc by importing part of FreeBSD's libquadJessica Clarke
2021-07-11Makefile: Support building with Clang and LLVM binutilsJessica Clarke
2021-07-11firmware: Only default FW_PIC to y if supportedJessica Clarke
2021-07-11firmware: Explicitly pass -pie to the linker, not just the driverJessica Clarke
2021-07-11fw_base: Put data in .data rather than .textJessica Clarke
2021-07-11fw_base: Don't mark fw_platform_init as both global and weakJessica Clarke
2021-07-11lib: sbi: Fix sbi_pmu_exit() for systems not having MCOUNTINHIBIT csrAnup Patel
2021-07-11firmware: Define a macro for version of struct fw_dynamic_infoBin Meng
2021-07-11firmware: Remove the sanity checks in fw_save_info()Bin Meng