AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-08-02Erase CERTDO on terminate.Jeremy Drake
2017-08-01Fix factory-reset.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-07-20configure: sanitize for shellcheckAnthony Romano
2017-07-20docker: source checking containerAnthony Romano
2017-07-19Initialize TMP to avoid confusion by static analysis.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-07-19Support no git situation.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-07-19Fix accessing garbage on error path.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-07-18Git is assumed for the source with .git.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-07-18Support building with docker.Anthony Romano
2017-07-18call fatal if mem_head size is corrupted.Anthony Romano
2017-07-18avoid null dereference when openpgp algo goes from !rsa2k to rsa2k.Anthony Romano
2017-07-18remove unused calculations from mod_reduce.Anthony Romano
2017-07-18call-rsa: free modulus buffers on error paths.Anthony Romano
2017-07-18Update Chopstx.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-05-12Version 1.2.4.release/1.2.4NIIBE Yutaka
2017-05-12usbip list -r now works.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-05-02Add usb-emu.c.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-05-01Fix old documentation (note) for firmware update.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-04-28Portability change.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-04-28New: src/mcu-stm32f103.c.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-04-28Fix long standing buf of digital signature counter.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-04-27Move data objects at the end of flash.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-04-27[SECURITY] Flash memory usage change.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-04-18emulation: USB device emulation by USBIP protocol.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-02-02Version 1.2.3.release/1.2.3NIIBE Yutaka
2017-02-02Increase CCID thread stack size by 0x20 for newer GCC.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-02-02Update Chopstx to 1.3.NIIBE Yutaka
2017-02-01Update READMENIIBE Yutaka
2017-02-01Regnual update tool: do not allow other than binary formats (upgrade_by_passwd)Szczepan Zalega
2017-02-01tool: Improve tool/*.py.NIIBE Yutaka
2016-10-21fix NIST P-256 / secp256k1 key generation.NIIBE Yutaka
2016-10-15Version 1.2.2release/1.2.2NIIBE Yutaka
2016-10-15fix scriptsNIIBE Yutaka
2016-10-15Fix flash initializationNIIBE Yutaka
2016-10-15Add tests/ accessing DO 6ENIIBE Yutaka
2016-10-15fix stack usage of CCIDNIIBE Yutaka
2016-10-15tests/ update for signature counterNIIBE Yutaka
2016-10-15Add pubkey testsNIIBE Yutaka
2016-10-14support factory_reset.NIIBE Yutaka
2016-10-13add factory reset support (not-full yet)NIIBE Yutaka
2016-10-13rename status-code.hNIIBE Yutaka
2016-10-13Update to Chopstx 1.2NIIBE Yutaka
2016-10-13Fix difference between original OpenPGP cardNIIBE Yutaka
2016-10-13tests/ updateNIIBE Yutaka
2016-10-12fix tests/NIIBE Yutaka
2016-10-12fix test/NIIBE Yutaka
2016-10-12fix test/NIIBE Yutaka
2016-10-12more tests (incomplete)NIIBE Yutaka
2016-10-07TPDU reader works nowNIIBE Yutaka
2016-10-05implement TPDU card readerNIIBE Yutaka