AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-07-07Full from-scratch rebuild of sparc ULPs.David S. Miller
2013-07-07tile: use _dl_static_init to set GLRO(gl_pagesize)Chris Metcalf
2013-07-07tile: update libm-test-ulps from scratchChris Metcalf
2013-07-07tile: use soft-fp for fma() and fmaf()Chris Metcalf
2013-07-05Update x86 and x86_64 ulps on AMD FX-8350 with GCC 4.8.1.Jeroen Albers
2013-07-05[AArch64] Regenerate libm-test-ulpsMarcus Shawcroft
2013-07-04Fix lock elision help text in INSTALL and configureSiddhesh Poyarekar
2013-07-04Update powerpc-fpu ULPs.Adhemerval Zanella
2013-07-04Sync sys/ptrace with Linux 3.10Andreas Jaeger
2013-07-03Condition sysdeps/arm/include/bits/setjmp.h contents on _ISOMAC.Joseph Myers
2013-07-03Regenerate powerpc-nofpu ULPs.Joseph Myers
2013-07-03Add x86 init-arch to nptlH.J. Lu
2013-07-03Update i386 ULPs.Allan McRae
2013-07-02Update sparc ULPs.David S. Miller
2013-07-03m68k: update libm test ULPsAndreas Schwab
2013-07-02Update x86_64 ULPs.Markus Trippelsdorf
2013-07-02Regenerate MIPS ulps.Joseph Myers
2013-07-02Regenerate ARM ulps.Joseph Myers
2013-07-02Regenerate x86 and x86_64 ulps.Joseph Myers
2013-07-02Make soft-float ARM use soft-fp fma/fmaf.Joseph Myers
2013-07-02alpha: Update libm-test-ulps from scratchRichard Henderson
2013-07-02Add lock elision to NEWS fileAndi Kleen
2013-07-02Add a configure option to enable lock elision and disable by defaultAndi Kleen
2013-07-02Disable elision for any pthread_mutexattr_settype callAndi Kleen
2013-07-02Add elision to pthread_mutex_{try,timed,un}lockAndi Kleen
2013-07-02Add minimal test suite changes for elision enabled kernelsAndi Kleen
2013-07-02Add new internal mutex type flags for elision.Andi Kleen
2013-07-02Add the low level infrastructure for pthreads lock elision with TSXAndi Kleen
2013-07-02Enable static 32-bit SSE4.2 strcasecmp/strncasecmpH.J. Lu
2013-07-02Implement fma in soft-fp.Joseph Myers
2013-07-02ARM: Pass dl_hwcap to IFUNC resolver functions.Will Newton
2013-06-30Support no-FPU ColdFire in sysdeps/m68k/dl-trampoline.S and refactor code.Joseph Myers
2013-06-30tile: switch to using <fenv.h> fallback functionsChris Metcalf
2013-06-28Add more NEWS items for 2.18.Joseph Myers
2013-06-28Skip SSE4.2 versions on Intel SilvermontLiubov Dmitrieva
2013-06-28PowerPC: Define AT_HWCAP2 bits and AT_HWCAP2 handling for POWER8.Ryan S. Arnold
2013-06-28Add GLRO(dl_hwcap2) for new AT_HWCAP2 auxv_t a_type.Ryan S. Arnold
2013-06-28Consistently use page_shift in sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/mmap64.c.Joseph Myers
2013-06-28Test for mprotect failure in dl-load.c (bug 12492).Pierre Ynard
2013-06-28Mark packed structure element used with atomic operation aligned.Nathan Froyd
2013-06-28Fix sysdeps/m68k/fpu_control.h preprocessor indentation.Joseph Myers
2013-06-28Support no-FPU ColdFire in sysdeps/m68k/fpu_control.h.Nathan Sidwell
2013-06-28Add a dlopen/getpagesize static executable test.Maciej W. Rozycki
2013-06-28[BZ #15022] Correct global-scope dlopen issues in static executables.Maciej W. Rozycki
2013-06-28[AArch64] Adjust elf_machine_dynamic to find _DYNAMIC via _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_Marcus Shawcroft
2013-06-28[AArch64] Simplify getcontext pstate initialization.Marcus Shawcroft
2013-06-27_dl_static_init: Remove nested locking.Maciej W. Rozycki
2013-06-26Require GCC 4.4 or later to build glibc.Joseph Myers
2013-06-26Add a test for BZ #15674H.J. Lu
2013-06-26Mention BZ #15674H.J. Lu