AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-05-16SPARC: add prlimit and prlimit64 in <bits/resource.h> (BZ #16943)release/2.16/masterAurelien Jarno
2014-05-07SPARC: add EFD_SEMAPHORE in <bits/eventfd.h> (BZ #16916)Aurelien Jarno
2014-05-01NEWS: Add 16885 to fixed bug list.David S. Miller
2014-05-01Fix v9/64-bit strcmp when string ends in multiple zero bytes.David S. Miller
2014-01-29Disable x87 inline functions for SSE2 mathH.J. Lu
2014-01-05Fix race in free() of fastbin chunk: BZ #15073Maxim Kuvyrkov
2013-03-17Add BZ#11261 to 2.16 fixed bug list.Carlos O'Donell
2012-11-28Revert "2012-11-07 Andreas Jaeger <aj@suse.de>"Andreas Schwab
2012-11-27sysdeps/sh/dl-machine.h: Define ELF_MACHINE_RUNTIME_FIXUP_PARAMS.Thomas Schwinge
2012-11-27Skip audit if l_reloc_result is NULLH.J. Lu
2012-11-132012-11-07 Andreas Jaeger <aj@suse.de>Jeff Law
2012-10-23Fix missing _mcount@GLIBC_2.0 on powerpc32Andreas Schwab
2012-10-04Define HAS_FMA with bit_FMA_UsableH.J. Lu
2012-10-03Don't parse %s format argument as multibyte stringJeff Law
2012-09-27Use size_t instead of int for internal variables in glob (bug 14621).Joseph Myers
2012-09-26Properly handle fencepost with MALLOC_ALIGN_MASKH.J. Lu
2012-08-29Use LD_SO to set $ld_so_name/$ld_so_versionH.J. Lu
2012-08-27Fix strtod integer/buffer overflow (bug 14459).Joseph Myers
2012-08-16Fix segmentation fault in strncasecmp for i686Liubov Dmitrieva
2012-08-12sunrpc: fix rpc bootstrap buildsMike Frysinger
2012-07-16Update from translation teamAndreas Jaeger
2012-07-13Update from french translation teamAndreas Jaeger
2012-07-11Translation team update for fr.po/sv.poAndreas Jaeger
2012-07-11Update from translation team: fr.poAndreas Jaeger
2012-07-07Adapt tst-catgets to changes in tst-gettextAndreas Schwab
2012-07-07Fix tst-gettext testAndreas Schwab
2012-07-03Update from translation teamsAndreas Jaeger
2012-06-30Release 2.16glibc-2.16.0Carlos O'Donell
2012-06-30Update NEWS and README.glibc-2.16Carlos O'Donell
2012-06-28manual/contrib.texi (Contributors): Sort alphabetically by last name.Thomas Schwinge
2012-06-27Add Samuel Thibault to manual/contrib.texiAndreas Jaeger
2012-06-25Update s390 ULPs fileAndreas Jaeger
2012-06-23SH can do fanotify_mark, too.glibc-2.16-tpsAndreas Schwab
2012-06-23Some missing bits from sysdeps/*/elf dismissal.Thomas Schwinge
2012-06-23SH: __lll_robust_timedlock_wait: Simplify CFI directives.Thomas Schwinge
2012-06-23SH: Preserve more registers for frame unwinding purposes, add CFI directives.Thomas Schwinge
2012-06-23SH: Optimize assembler code in context of call to __fortify_fail.Thomas Schwinge
2012-06-23SH: ____longjmp_chk for GNU/Linux with sigaltstack support.Thomas Schwinge
2012-06-23SH: ABORT_INSTRUCTION.Thomas Schwinge
2012-06-23SH: makecontext/.Lexitcode: Always initialize the GOT register before use.Thomas Schwinge
2012-06-23SH: makecontext: Fix calculation of ARGC > 4.Thomas Schwinge
2012-06-23SH: makecontext: Improve understandability.Thomas Schwinge
2012-06-23Fix gUSA sequence in SH atomic functions inKaz Kojima
2012-06-22Fix invalid memory access in do_lookup_x.Andreas Schwab
2012-06-22Use AC_LANG_SOURCE to fix autoconf warnings.Carlos O'Donell
2012-06-22Use tab not spaces.Carlos O'Donell
2012-06-22Respect --localstatedir for /var/db parent directory.Roland McGrath
2012-06-21Update copyright yearsJeff Law
2012-06-21 [BZ #14277]Jeff Law
2012-06-21Fix wordsize-64 cosh regression (bug 14273).Joseph Myers