AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-07-20Handle DSOs without any dependency in ld.sorelease/2.13/masterUlrich Drepper
2011-06-14Fix static linking with checking x86/x86-64 memcpy.Mike Frysinger
2011-02-22Move setting variable in relro data earlier in ld.so.Andreas Schwab
2011-02-22Fix INTERNAL_[V]SYSCALL_NCS macros to not cast return val to int.Ryan S. Arnold
2011-02-22Disable VSX usage in rtld.c to prevent TOC ref before relocs are resolved.Ryan S. Arnold
2011-02-04NEWS: Remove section for version 2.14Petr Baudis
2011-02-04Fix passing symbol value to pltexit callbacks when ld.so auditing.Ulrich Drepper
2011-02-04Fix range error handling in sgetspent.Andreas Schwab
2011-01-19Patch followup.Ulrich Drepper
2011-01-19Fix ordering of DSO constructors and destructors.Ulrich Drepper
2011-01-19Fix decoding of canonical name in getaddrinfo.Ulrich Drepper
2011-01-19Fix comment typos.Roland McGrath
2011-01-18Run IFUNC tests unless no support build in at all.Ulrich Drepper
2011-01-172.13 releaseglibc-2.13Ulrich Drepper
2011-01-17Define AT_NO_AUTOMOUNT.Ulrich Drepper
2011-01-17Define MADV_NOHUGEPAGE.Ulrich Drepper
2011-01-17Define MADV_HUGEPAGE.Ulrich Drepper
2011-01-17Update copyright year.Ulrich Drepper
2011-01-17Add definitions for new socket protocols.Ulrich Drepper
2011-01-16Fix missing dependencies and ensure correct CPPFLAGS.Andreas Schwab
2011-01-16Don't override --enable-multi-arch.Andreas Schwab
2011-01-15Signal temporary host lookup errors in nscd as such to the requester.Ulrich Drepper
2011-01-14Change setgroups to affect all the threads in the process.Ulrich Drepper
2011-01-14FIx handling of unterminated [ expression in fnmatch.Ulrich Drepper
2011-01-13Fix check-execstack testAndreas Schwab
2011-01-13Clean up PLT use for getrlimit64.Ulrich Drepper
2011-01-13Fix PLT use due to __libc_alloca_cutoff.Ulrich Drepper
2011-01-13Relax requirement on close in child created by posix_spawn.Ulrich Drepper
2011-01-13Fix handling of missing syscall in Linux mkdirat.Ulrich Drepper
2011-01-13Handle long lines in host lookups in the right place.Ulrich Drepper
2011-01-12Fix assertion when handling DSTs during auditing.Ulrich Drepper
2011-01-12Fix alignment in x86 destructor calls.Ulrich Drepper
2011-01-12Add missing CL entry.Ulrich Drepper
2011-01-12Fix grouping when rounding increases number of integer digits.Ulrich Drepper
2011-01-09Clean up some bits/select.h headers.Ulrich Drepper
2011-01-08Update Japanese translations.Ulrich Drepper
2011-01-04sparc64: Use i386 implementation for fxstat.David S. Miller
2010-12-27Fix infloop on persistent failing calloc in regex.Jim Meyering
2010-12-26Update BZs.Ulrich Drepper
2010-12-25Use prlimit64 for 32-bit [gs]etrlimit64 implementation.Ulrich Drepper
2010-12-25Use fastbin macro everywhere.Ulrich Drepper
2010-12-25Change XPG-compliant strerror_r function to return error code.Ulrich Drepper
2010-12-24Pretty printing.Ulrich Drepper
2010-12-24Remove `.ctors' and `.dtors' output sectionsH.J. Lu
2010-12-24Always allow overwriting printf modifiers etc.Ulrich Drepper
2010-12-19Fix ChangeLogs.Ulrich Drepper
2010-12-19Make PowerPC64 default to nonexecutable stackRyan S. Arnold
2010-12-19More accurate computatin of reclen in readdir_r.Ulrich Drepper
2010-12-14Undo accidental checkin.Ulrich Drepper
2010-12-10Declare wcpcpy and wcpncpy only under _GNU_SOURCEAndreas Schwab