AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-12-13glibc 2.12.2 releaseglibc-2.12.2release/2.12/masterAndreas Schwab
2010-12-13NEWS for 2.12.2Andreas Schwab
2010-12-13Declare wcpcpy and wcpncpy only under _GNU_SOURCEAndreas Schwab
2010-12-13Fix use of restrict in wchar.hAndreas Schwab
2010-12-13Fix race in qsort_r initialization.Ulrich Drepper
2010-12-13Fix -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE memmove and bcopJakub Jelinek
2010-12-06Fix IPTOS_CLASS definition.Ulrich Drepper
2010-12-03Remove multiarch dirs when gnu indirect is not supportedMike Frysinger
2010-12-01Don't ignore zero TTL in DNS answersAndreas Schwab
2010-12-01Fix x86 pthread_cond_signal() FUTEX_WAKE_OP fallbackDinakar Guniguntala
2010-12-01Cleanup new tst-abstime program some more.Ulrich Drepper
2010-12-01Improve new tst-abstime test.Ulrich Drepper
2010-12-01Add missing fileAndreas Schwab
2010-12-01Work around kernel rejecting valid absolute timestampsAndreas Schwab
2010-12-01Allow aux_cache_file open()ing to fail silently even in the chroot mode.Petr Baudis
2010-12-01Fix multiple nss_compat initgroups() bugsUlrich Drepper
2010-12-01Properly convert f_fsid in statvfsAndreas Schwab
2010-12-01Define MAP_HUGETLB.Ulrich Drepper
2010-12-01Define SWAP_FLAG_DISCARD.Ulrich Drepper
2010-12-01Fix memory leak in fnmatchAndreas Schwab
2010-12-01Avoid too much stack use in fnmatch.Ulrich Drepper
2010-12-01Fix comparison in sqrtl for IBM long double 128.Luis Machado
2010-12-01Fix warnings in __bswap_16.Ulrich Drepper
2010-12-01Update sparc epoll.h from epoll_create2 to epoll_create1Mike Frysinger
2010-12-01Don't mix pattern rules with normal rulesAndreas Schwab
2010-12-01Properly quote output of localeAndreas Schwab
2010-12-01Fix assertion in ld.so, introduced by delayed adding to global list.Ulrich Drepper
2010-12-01Fix perturbing in malloc on free.Ulrich Drepper
2010-12-01Work around shortest-stem feature in make 3.82+Andreas Schwab
2010-12-01Don't expand DST twice in dl_openAndreas Schwab
2010-12-01Expect PLT call to _Unwind_Find_FDE on s390*-linuxAndreas Schwab
2010-12-01One more regex memory leak fixed.Ulrich Drepper
2010-12-01More regex memory leak fixes and tests.Ulrich Drepper
2010-12-01Test case for last regex problem.Ulrich Drepper
2010-12-01Fix memory leak for some invalid regular expressions.Ulrich Drepper
2010-12-01Linux getifaddrs might return entries with ->ifa_addr being NULL.Ulrich Drepper
2010-12-01Remove specific binutils version recommendation in INSTALL file.Ulrich Drepper
2010-12-01Handle large requests.Ulrich Drepper
2010-12-01getdents64 fallback d_type supportJoseph Myers
2010-12-01Fix register conflict in s390 ____longjmp_chkAndreas Schwab
2010-12-01Fix _FORITY_SOURCE version of longjmp for Linux/x86-64.Chung-Lin Tang
2010-12-01Fix typo in x86-64 epoll.h.Mike Frysinger
2010-12-01Fix array overflow in floating point parserAndreas Schwab
2010-12-01Actually make it possible to user the default name server.Ulrich Drepper
2010-12-01Missing server address again leads to localhost being usedUlrich Drepper
2010-12-01Add -fno-asynchronous-unwind-tables to initfini.s for i386H.J. Lu
2010-12-01Hurd: fix timeout rounding in selectSamuel Thibault
2010-12-01BZ 11856: fix manual nitRoland McGrath
2010-12-01Document M_PERTURBAndreas Schwab
2010-12-01BZ #11840: Fix config.cache usage for -fgnu89-inline check.Roland McGrath