AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-11-23Restore locking in free_check.release/2.10/masterUlrich Drepper
2009-11-16glibc 2.10.2 releaseglibc-2.10.2Andreas Schwab
2009-11-16New simplified make dist using git archive.Roland McGrath
2009-11-13Correct readahead syscall wrapper on powerpc32.Andreas Schwab
2009-11-13Fix preadv, pwritev and fallocate for -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64.Jakub Jelinek
2009-09-18Support binutils 2.100 and 3.0.H.J. Lu
2009-09-18Fix malformed #pragma.Andreas Schwab
2009-09-18Fix endless loop in localedef.Ulrich Drepper
2009-09-18Handle POSIX2_LINE_MAX in getconf.Ulrich Drepper
2009-09-18Support binutils 2.20.H.J. Lu
2009-09-18Fix whitespaces.Ulrich Drepper
2009-09-18Fix timer_create to initialize timer_t properly.Suzuki Poulose
2009-09-18Fix lookup of group names in hesiod initgroups.Andreas Schwab
2009-09-18Fix fsetpos on wide stream.Andreas Schwab
2009-09-18Cleanup _IO_wfile_seekoff.Andreas Schwab
2009-09-18Fix use of 64-bit insn in 32-bit memcpy for POWER6.Joshua W. Boyer
2009-09-18Fix problems with memory allocation in assert.Ulrich Drepper
2009-09-18Add local assert function to avoid problems with memory allocation inUlrich Drepper
2009-09-18SH lowlevellock broken for FUTEX_CLOCK_REALTIME.Andrew Stubbs
2009-09-18Fix generic fdiml.Joseph Myers
2009-09-18Fix overflow handling in fdim.Ulrich Drepper
2009-09-18Fix td_ta_map_lwp2thr logging and early sanity check.Roland McGrath
2009-09-18Extend last test case.Ulrich Drepper
2009-09-18Add test case for last fixed regex bug.Ulrich Drepper
2009-09-18Recognize ill-formed { } expressions in regcomp.Ulrich Drepper
2009-09-18Also correct _POSIX2_* constants in case older standards are selected.Ulrich Drepper
2009-09-18Define _POSIX_VERSION correctly when older POSIX versions are selected.Ulrich Drepper
2009-09-18Add CFI directives to x86-64 pthread_rwlock_unlock.Ulrich Drepper
2009-09-18Add CFI directives to x86-64 pthread_rwlock_{rd,wr)lock.Ulrich Drepper
2009-09-18SH: fix clobber list in stdlib/longlong.hSUGIOKA Toshinobu
2009-09-18Fix obstack* on i?86Jakub Jelinek
2009-09-18Stop backtrace when we make no more progress.Ulrich Drepper
2009-08-17Handle missing NSS modules and those without callbacks.Ulrich Drepper
2009-08-04Build pt_chown as PIE.Ulrich Drepper
2009-08-04Extend pt_chown to drop privileges.Ulrich Drepper
2009-08-04Consolidate PIE linking Makefile rules.H.J. Lu
2009-07-29Implement accept4 for more archs using socketcall.Jakub Jelinek
2009-07-29Fix whitespace in last patch.Ulrich Drepper
2009-07-29pthread_mutex_unlock needs to use _rel semantics for atomic ops.Ulrich Drepper
2009-07-29Compatibility of signalfd/eventfd with older kernels.Ulrich Drepper
2009-07-29Handle SERVFAIL, NOTIMP, REFUSED replies from DNS server better.Ulrich Drepper
2009-07-29remove subsumed .gitignore entries and filesJim Meyering
2009-07-29remove mpn-copy.mk from .gitignore filesJim Meyering
2009-07-29remove COPYING* from .gitignore filesJim Meyering
2009-07-29Remove redundant .gitignore files.Andreas Schwab
2009-07-29Sun agreed to a change of the license for the RPC code to a BSD-like license.Ulrich Drepper
2009-07-16Use correct release semantic in list update.Andreas Schwab
2009-07-16Fix race in corruption check.Ulrich Drepper
2009-07-16Use rel semantics of cas instead of acq semantics with full barrier before it...Jakub Jelinek
2009-07-16Fix build issue with modules for audit test on machines != x86-64.Ulrich Drepper