AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-10-25Fix incorrect getaddrinfo assertion triggerAllan McRae
2013-10-24Adjust language-code fields of LC_ADDRESS.Chris Leonard
2013-10-21Document rpcgen -5. Fixes bug 15825Ondřej Bílka
2013-10-20Print the reason why preloading failed in do_preload()Michael Stahl
2013-10-20When glob pattern contains a trailing slash match only directories. Fixes bug...Ondřej Bílka
2013-10-20Replace alloca in __tzfile_read by malloc. Fixes bug 15670Ondřej Bílka
2013-10-19Mention FIPS 140-2 compliance and Sun RPC.Carlos O'Donell
2013-10-18Enhance localedef --list-archive option.Carlos O'Donell
2013-10-18Move entries to correct port ChangeLog files.Joseph Myers
2013-10-18Add e500 port.Joseph Myers
2013-10-18Remove duplicate bug numbers from NEWS.Joseph Myers
2013-10-18Fix localedef collation handling of <U0000> (bug 15948).Richard Sandiford
2013-10-18Don't include tls.h in test casesSiddhesh Poyarekar
2013-10-18Remove assert in malloc statistic. Fixes bug 12486.Ondřej Bílka
2013-10-17Fix inet_network("1 bar"). Fixes bug 15277.Ondřej Bílka
2013-10-17Don't use gethostbyaddr to determine canonical nameAndreas Schwab
2013-10-17Format floating routines.Ondřej Bílka
2013-10-17soft-fp: make extensions quiet signaling NaNs (bug 16041).Joseph Myers
2013-10-16soft-fp: fix horizontal whitespace.Joseph Myers
2013-10-15soft-fp: remove unused macros.Joseph Myers
2013-10-15Clear initfini list after freeing. Fixes bug 15308.Ondřej Bílka
2013-10-15soft-fp: fix vertical whitespace and indentation.Joseph Myers
2013-10-14Fix error_tail overflow in allocation calculation.Ondřej Bílka
2013-10-14Correctly copy resolver address. Fixes bug #13028.Ondřej Bílka
2013-10-14ldd: make try_trace more robust and portablePatrick 'P. J.' McDermott
2013-10-13Adjust language-code fields of LC_ADDRESS.Chris Leonard
2013-10-12soft-fp: fix preprocessor indentation.Joseph Myers
2013-10-12Fix typos.Yuri Chornoivan
2013-10-12Fix typo in setlocale.c. Fixes BZ #15764Reuben Thomas
2013-10-12soft-fp: make __unord* raise "invalid" for signaling NaNs (bug 16036).Joseph Myers
2013-10-12soft-fp: make ordered comparisons raise "invalid" for quiet NaNs (bug 14910).Joseph Myers
2013-10-12soft-fp: add missing FP_INIT_EXCEPTIONS and FP_INIT_ROUNDMODE calls.Joseph Myers
2013-10-12soft-fp: add macro FP_NO_EXCEPTIONS.Joseph Myers
2013-10-12soft-fp: fix _FP_DIV_MEAT_* returning results with wrong exponent (bug 16032).Joseph Myers
2013-10-12soft-fp: fix floating-point to integer unsigned saturation.Joseph Myers
2013-10-11Add systemtap markers to math function slow pathsSiddhesh Poyarekar
2013-10-11Fix fwrite() reading beyond end of buffer in error pathEric Biggers
2013-10-10Fix readdir regressions on sparc 32-bit.David S. Miller
2013-10-10Update copyright and license notices in soft-fp files from libgcc.Joseph Myers
2013-10-10Add soft-fp files from libgcc.Joseph Myers
2013-10-10Update sparc ULPs.David S. Miller
2013-10-10Extend powerpc-nofpu -fno-builtin-fabsl workaround to more files.Joseph Myers
2013-10-10Avoid ordered comparisons of NaNs in ldbl-128ibm acosl and asinl.Joseph Myers
2013-10-10malloc/hooks.c: Correct check for overflow in memalign_check.Will Newton
2013-10-10benchtests: Add include-sources directive.Torvald Riegel
2013-10-10soft-fp: split FP_INIT_EXCEPTIONS from FP_INIT_ROUNDMODE.Joseph Myers
2013-10-10soft-fp: fix negation NaN handling (bug 16034).Joseph Myers
2013-10-09soft-fp: Remove trailing semicolon from _FP_FRAC_DISASSEMBLE_4.Joseph Myers
2013-10-09soft-fp: fix typo in comment.Adam Buchbinder
2013-10-08Update gethostbyname2_r documentation. Fixes bug #156.Yogesh Chaudhari