AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-11-20Fix missing > on email.Paul Pluzhnikov
2013-11-20Fix failure in tst-cleanup2 and tst-cleanupx2 with gcc-4.9Paul Pluzhnikov
2013-11-20Revert "Fix failure in nptl/tst-cleanup when building with"Paul Pluzhnikov
2013-11-20Fix failure in nptl/tst-cleanup when building withPaul Pluzhnikov
2013-11-20Consolidate valloc/pvalloc code.Ondřej Bílka
2013-11-20Fix build warning in locarchive.cSiddhesh Poyarekar
2013-11-20Rename Oriya locale to Odia (bug 15601)Siddhesh Poyarekar
2013-11-20Fix ChangeLog formattingSiddhesh Poyarekar
2013-11-20Add systemtap probe markers for sin, cos, asin and acosSiddhesh Poyarekar
2013-11-20Fix ChangeLog formattingSiddhesh Poyarekar
2013-11-19Make powerpc-nofpu floating-point state thread-local (bug 15483).Joseph Myers
2013-11-19Complete display of LC_MONETARYAndreas Schwab
2013-11-18test-fpucw-ieee: Don't use _FPU_IEEE if not definedChris Metcalf
2013-11-18Adjust AT_EXECFN when using explicit loader invocation.Paul Pluzhnikov
2013-11-18Adjust AT_EXECFN when using explicit loader invocation.Paul Pluzhnikov
2013-11-18Define TLS version of libc_hidden_proto.Joseph Myers
2013-11-18Revert b75891075bece24be9fd85618f18af4a2daf7f1cOndřej Bílka
2013-11-18[BZ #16144] Duplicated abday value for tk_TM.Chris Leonard
2013-11-18Fix breaking of RPATH when $ORIGIN contains colons. Fixes bug 10253Ondřej Bílka
2013-11-18benchtests: Add strsep benchmarkRajalakshmi Srinivasaraghavan
2013-11-18Remove unused variable.Ondřej Bílka
2013-11-18Properly handle unavailable elements in LC_MONETARY categoryAndreas Schwab
2013-11-18Do not let scanf("%4p") accept "(nil)". Fixes bug 16055Ondřej Bílka
2013-11-17Correct wae_CH to UTF-8 encoding.Chris Leonard
2013-11-16Test signs of NaNs in libm-test.inc where appropriate.Joseph Myers
2013-11-16Add libm-test support for ignored return value, add more lrint / llrint / lro...Joseph Myers
2013-11-16Replace libm-test.inc TEST_INLINE conditionals with NO_TEST_INLINE flag.Joseph Myers
2013-11-16Make libm-test.inc check for "inexact" exceptions for NaN argument.Joseph Myers
2013-11-16Fix spurious "inexact" exceptions from x86 pow with NaN argument (bug 16167).Joseph Myers
2013-11-15New locale for the_NP.Arun Kumar Pyasi
2013-11-16alpha: Fix signal thunk unwind infoRichard Henderson
2013-11-15Add Chitwani Tharu (the)Chris Leonard
2013-11-14[BZ #16143] pap_* locales have duplicated LC_NUMERIC section.Chris Leonard
2013-11-14[BZ #16103] LC_MEASUREMENT review and standardizationChris Leonard
2013-11-14Fix country_num element in LC_ADDRESS for C localeAndreas Schwab
2013-11-13PowerPC: Fix __fe_mask_env exportAdhemerval Zanella
2013-11-132013-11-13 Steve Ellcey <sellcey@mips.com>Steve Ellcey
2013-11-13Set arch_minimum_kernel to 3.4.0 for x32H.J. Lu
2013-11-13Fix strtod rounding of half the least subnormal (bug 16151).Joseph Myers
2013-11-13PowerPC: Fix __fe_mask_env exportAdhemerval Zanella
2013-11-13Avoid passing NULL to DSO_FILENAME.Marcus Shawcroft
2013-11-13Handle NULL return from htab_find_slot()Marcus Shawcroft
2013-11-12Fix sparc 64-bit GMP ifunc resolution in static builds.David S. Miller
2013-11-11Put Bug # to the NEWS file for the previous vDSO l_name fix.Jan Kratochvil
2013-11-11Fix vDSO l_name for GDB's: Can't read pathname for load map: Input/output error.Jan Kratochvil
2013-11-11benchtests: Add strtod benchmarkAdhemerval Zanella
2013-11-11Fix off-by-one in nscd getservbyport callAndreas Schwab
2013-11-10Fix build on hurdSamuel Thibault
2013-11-08PowerPC: Fix vDSO missing ODP entriesAdhemerval Zanella
2013-11-07Make getent services compliant with RFC 6335 section 5.1 Fixes bug 15374Ondřej Bílka