AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
1999-01-13Update.cvs/glibc-2_0_xUlrich Drepper
1999-01-13Fix handling of +/- entries.Ulrich Drepper
1999-01-13Use binding dir only at first try.Ulrich Drepper
1998-12-11Regenerated: autoconf configure.inUlrich Drepper
1998-12-11Update.Ulrich Drepper
1998-12-11(HAVE_DWARF2_UNWIND_INFO): Check for it.Ulrich Drepper
1998-12-11(HAVE_DWARF2_UNWIND_INFO): New.Ulrich Drepper
1998-12-11Copied from glibc 2.1.Ulrich Drepper
1998-12-10Update.Ulrich Drepper
1998-12-10Update from translation team.Ulrich Drepper
1998-12-08Update.Ulrich Drepper
1998-11-04Update.Ulrich Drepper
1998-11-04(fcvt_r): Remove code which tries to use libmUlrich Drepper
1998-11-04Update.Ulrich Drepper
1998-11-04Fix calloc to really return zeroed memory.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-30Update.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-30Do a better job in initializing dynamic memory.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-29Update.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-29(vfprintf): Fix the remaining premature returns without cleaning up the lock.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-26Update.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-26(asinh): Put __sgn1 call outside log1p call.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-26Update.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-26If time to switch to DST is later in the year switch back in the nextUlrich Drepper
1998-10-15Update.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-15Update from latest tzdata file.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-15Update.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-13Update.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-13(inline_outb): Fix output parameter format string.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-12Update.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-12(__opendir): Test whether NAME is directory before opening it.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-08Update.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-08(_dl_close): Fix typo.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-08Update.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-08(platform): Add missing Ruffian entry.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-08Update.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-08[subdir==misc] (sysdep_headers): Add sys/debugreg.h.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-08[subdir==misc] (sysdep_headers): Remove sys/debugreg.h.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-08Update from glibc 2.1.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-08Update.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-08Update.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-08Fix one more memory leak.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-07Update.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-07(_dl_open): Don't put the shared object on the global scope listUlrich Drepper
1998-10-07(_dl_close): Fix a memory leak.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-07Update.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-07Improve the autodetection of the weird alpha architectures.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-07Update.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-07Removed.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-07Add sys/debugreg.h.Ulrich Drepper
1998-10-07Header with duplicated information from kernel.Ulrich Drepper