AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2001-01-10Update.cvs/glibc-2-1-branchAndreas Jaeger
2001-01-10 * elf/rtld.c (process_envvars): Place output files for profilingAndreas Jaeger
2000-09-11Update.Ulrich Drepper
2000-09-11(__longjmp): Correct %fp frame pointer offset for non-fast path.Ulrich Drepper
2000-09-01Update.Ulrich Drepper
2000-09-01(__getdate_r): Add extra access check.Ulrich Drepper
2000-08-27(DCGETTEXT): Fix typo in last change.Ulrich Drepper
2000-08-27(_nl_find_locale): Fix typo in last change.Ulrich Drepper
2000-08-27Update.Ulrich Drepper
2000-08-27(_nl_find_locale): Remove _nl_find_language in code to determineUlrich Drepper
2000-08-27(DCGETTEXT): Remove _nl_find_language in code to determine invalidUlrich Drepper
2000-08-25Update.Andreas Jaeger
2000-08-25 * sysdeps/generic/dl-environ.c (unsetenv): Follow change to theAndreas Jaeger
2000-08-21Update.Ulrich Drepper
2000-08-21(_nl_find_locale): Move test for unusable locale name after all getenvs.Ulrich Drepper
2000-08-21(catopen): Filter out env_var values with / if necessary.Ulrich Drepper
2000-08-10 Move setting of mutex owner into critical section.Andreas Jaeger
2000-08-01* sysdeps/mach/hurd/dl-sysdep.c (_dl_sysdep_start): Take intoMark Kettenis
2000-07-31 * mutex.c (__pthread_mutex_trylock): Only set mutex owner if weAndreas Jaeger
2000-06-04Update.Andreas Jaeger
2000-06-04 * sysdeps/i386/elf/setjmp.S: Work around change is recentAndreas Jaeger
2000-05-26Update.Andreas Jaeger
2000-05-26 * sunrpc/xdr_intXX_t.c (xdr_uint8_t): Fix conversion.Andreas Jaeger
2000-05-12Update.Andreas Jaeger
2000-05-122000-05-12 Andreas Jaeger <aj@suse.de>Andreas Jaeger
2000-05-08.Andreas Schwab
2000-05-08New file. Use getpagesize syscall if available.Andreas Schwab
2000-05-08Update.Andreas Jaeger
2000-05-082000-05-08 Andreas Jaeger <aj@suse.de>Andreas Jaeger
2000-05-06Update.Ulrich Drepper
2000-05-06New version from translator.Ulrich Drepper
2000-05-05Update.Ulrich Drepper
2000-05-05Remove incorrect definitions of <So> and <OR>.Ulrich Drepper
2000-05-05(full_config_sysdirs): Renamed from full-config-sysdirs.Ulrich Drepper
2000-05-04Upate.Ulrich Drepper
2000-05-04Make fseeko and ftello prototypes available is __USE_LARGEFILE.Ulrich Drepper
2000-05-04Update.Ulrich Drepper
2000-05-04Update from translation team.Ulrich Drepper
2000-04-272000-04-18 H.J. Lu <hjl@gnu.org>Andreas Jaeger
2000-04-19Update.Ulrich Drepper
2000-04-19Update from translation team.Ulrich Drepper
2000-04-13Update.Ulrich Drepper
2000-04-13Work around inconsistency with expanding ~/ in shell.Ulrich Drepper
2000-04-12Update.Ulrich Drepper
2000-04-12(_IO_old_proc_open): Close pipes in case the mode is invalid.Ulrich Drepper
2000-04-12(_IO_new_proc_open): Close pipes in case the mode is invalid.Ulrich Drepper
2000-04-10Update.Ulrich Drepper
2000-04-10(sigaction): Fix return value for the case SIG is one of the signalsUlrich Drepper
2000-04-07Update.Ulrich Drepper
2000-04-07(__getdents): The Linux kernel does not allow relative seeks on descriptorsUlrich Drepper