BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterpowerpc64: apply -mabi=ibmlongdouble to special filesPaul E. Murphy4 years
release/2.19/masterFixed pthread_spin_lock on sparc32/64 (bug 16882)Guo Yixuan10 years
aurel32Fix French translation of inappropriateAurelien Jarno10 years
release/2.16/masterSPARC: add prlimit and prlimit64 in <bits/resource.h> (BZ #16943)Aurelien Jarno10 years
release/2.17/masterSPARC: add prlimit and prlimit64 in <bits/resource.h> (BZ #16943)Aurelien Jarno10 years
release/2.18/masterSPARC: add prlimit and prlimit64 in <bits/resource.h> (BZ #16943)Aurelien Jarno10 years
release/2.15/masterNEWS: Add 16885 to fixed bug list.David S. Miller10 years
accept4kernel-features/mips: add accept4 kernel versionAurelien Jarno10 years
locale-SIGFPElocale: don't crash if locale-archive contains all zerosAurelien Jarno10 years
mips-prlimit64MIPS: Fix RLIM64_INFINITY constant for O32 and N32 ABIsAurelien Jarno10 years
glibc-2.19commit 9a869d8220...Allan McRae10 years
glibc-2.18commit eefa3be8e4...David S. Miller10 years
glibc-2.17commit c758a68615...David S. Miller11 years
glibc-2.16-ports-mergecommit e84eabb387...Joseph Myers11 years
glibc-2.16.0commit 75f0d3040a...Carlos O'Donell11 years
glibc-2.16commit ee9247c38a...Carlos O'Donell11 years
glibc-2.16-tpscommit 4d0ee85545...Carlos O'Donell11 years
glibc-2.15commit c0da14cdda...Ulrich Drepper12 years
glibc-2.14.1commit 4f2b767fef...Andreas Schwab12 years
glibc-2.14commit 356f8bc660...Ulrich Drepper13 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-06-30Update NEWS and README.glibc-2.16Carlos O'Donell
2012-06-28manual/contrib.texi (Contributors): Sort alphabetically by last name.Thomas Schwinge
2012-06-27Add Samuel Thibault to manual/contrib.texiAndreas Jaeger
2012-06-25Update s390 ULPs fileAndreas Jaeger
2012-06-23SH can do fanotify_mark, too.glibc-2.16-tpsAndreas Schwab
2012-06-23Some missing bits from sysdeps/*/elf dismissal.Thomas Schwinge
2012-06-23SH: __lll_robust_timedlock_wait: Simplify CFI directives.Thomas Schwinge
2012-06-23SH: Preserve more registers for frame unwinding purposes, add CFI directives.Thomas Schwinge
2012-06-23SH: Optimize assembler code in context of call to __fortify_fail.Thomas Schwinge
2012-06-23SH: ____longjmp_chk for GNU/Linux with sigaltstack support.Thomas Schwinge