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2016-05-31 NIIBE Yutaka <gniibe@fsij.org>
+ * VERSION: 0.12.
+ * doc/chopstx.texi (VERSION): 0.12.
* sys.h: New.
* example-cdc, example-fs-bb48: Update.
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keep unchanged.
(sys_version, sys_board_id, sys_board_name, sys_vector): New.
- * chopstx.c (preempt): Fix IDLE thread stack pointer.
2016-05-26 NIIBE Yutaka <gniibe@fsij.org>
* entry.c: Follow the move of clk_gpio_init*.c
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NEWS - Noteworthy changes
+* Major changes in Chopstx 0.12
+ Released 2016-05-31
+** Provide drivers of SYS, USB and ADC
+Those were only offered as examples, but now, Chopstx provides drivers
+of SYS, USB, and ADC. Please note that the ADC driver is not for
+general use (it's specific to NeuG to get noise). To use them, enable
+variables in Makefile, like following.
+USE_ADC = yes
+USE_USB = yes
+USE_SYS = yes
+** Removal of chopstx_usec_wait_var chopstx_wakeup_usec_wait
+This API was used when we need to wait something with timeout.
+Now, we have better API with chopstx_poll. Please use chopstx_poll
+and chopstx_cond_signal.
* Major changes in Chopstx 0.11
Released 2016-05-19
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Chopstx - Threads and only Threads
- Version 0.11
- 2016-05-19
+ Version 0.12
+ 2016-05-31
Niibe Yutaka
Flying Stone Technology
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ What's Chopstx?
Chopstx is an RT thread library for STM32F103 (ARM Cortex-M3),
-STM32F0 (ARM Cortex-M0), or KL27Z (ARM Cortex-M0plus).
+STM32F030 (ARM Cortex-M0), and MKL27Z (ARM Cortex-M0plus).
While most RTOSes come with many features, drivers, and stacks,
Chopstx just offers a simple RT thread library.
@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ Future Works
Convenience function to determine the bottom of thread stack, thread
-local storage would be next thing to be done.
+local storage would be next things to be done.
Experimental SMP port for Cortex-A7 is under development. For SMP,
more careful considerations for shared access to objects of struct
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@@ -23,17 +23,6 @@ stop further execution of code. It never returns.
Create a thread. Returns thread ID.
@end deftypefun
-@subheading chopstx_usec_wait_var
-@deftypefun {void} {chopstx_usec_wait_var} (uint32_t * @var{var})
-@var{var}: Pointer to usec
-Sleep for micro seconds, specified by @var{var}.
-Another thread can clear @var{var} to stop the caller going into sleep.
-This function is DEPRECATED. Please use chopstx_poll.
-@end deftypefun
@subheading chopstx_usec_wait
@deftypefun {void} {chopstx_usec_wait} (uint32_t @var{usec})
@@ -107,7 +96,7 @@ Wake up all threads waiting on @var{cond}.
@var{irq_num}: IRQ Number (hardware specific)
-Claim interrupt @var{intr} with @var{irq_num} for this thread.
+Claim interrupt @var{intr} with @var{irq_num}
@end deftypefun
@subheading chopstx_intr_wait
@@ -116,8 +105,6 @@ Claim interrupt @var{intr} with @var{irq_num} for this thread.
@var{intr}: Pointer to INTR structure
Wait for the interrupt @var{intr} to be occured.
-This function is DEPRECATED. Please use chopstx_poll.
@end deftypefun
@subheading chopstx_cleanup_push
@@ -159,18 +146,6 @@ Waits for the thread of @var{thd} to terminate.
Returns 0 on success, 1 when waiting is interrupted.
@end deftypefun
-@subheading chopstx_wakeup_usec_wait
-@deftypefun {void} {chopstx_wakeup_usec_wait} (chopstx_t @var{thd})
-@var{thd}: Thread to be awakened
-Canceling the timer, wake up the sleeping thread.
-No return value.
-This function is DEPRECATED. Please use chopstx_cond_signal,
-where sleeping process calls chopstx_poll.
-@end deftypefun
@subheading chopstx_cancel
@deftypefun {void} {chopstx_cancel} (chopstx_t @var{thd})
diff --git a/doc/chopstx.texi b/doc/chopstx.texi
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--- a/doc/chopstx.texi
+++ b/doc/chopstx.texi
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
\input texinfo @c -*-texinfo-*-
@c %**start of header
@setfilename chopstx.info
-@set VERSION 0.11
+@set VERSION 0.12
@settitle Chopstx Reference Manual
@c Unify some of the indices.
@syncodeindex tp fn